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TheRavenpuffWhovian (strawberryprince) Name:







Why are they evil?:



Other (optional):

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quq  (190511) Name: Falon Black

Age: 16

Gender: male

Personality: Falon is very kind, but he has his own, extremist ways of looking at things, and he believes in very violent solutions for things.

Appearance: (left)

History: he was born in Minnesota, and lived there his whole life. Still there to this day. He killed his parents for a silly disagreement, but his sister still lives with him.

Superpowers: telekenisis

Why are they evil?: very violent

Likes: violent solutions, his sister, Genevieve (hehe)

Dislikes: peace, calm, darkness

Name: Genevieve Hardy

Age: 15

Gender: female

Personality: Genevieve is bubbly and just generally happy. She is very weird and unique and enjoys being that way, even if she is a bit immature at times. She has no moral compass, however, and doesn’t know right from wrong. She has a temper and can get really mad and hold grudges for LONG times.

Appearance: (right)

History: Same as Falon, lives in Minnesota
She also killed her parents, on accident.

Superpowers: really good at devising plans for hurting people (can see the paths of the future)

Why are they evil?: works with Falon and Shelby

Likes: mapping, planning, Falon, Shelby

Dislikes: being alone, being called average

Name: Shelby Black

Age: 17

Gender: female

Personality: Shelby is sensible and smart. she likes playing games with her prey, and enjoys killing. She is pretty cold-hearted and malicious.

Appearance: (middle)

History: Same as Falon

Superpowers: really quiet and acrobatic

Why are they evil?: works with Falon, to steal money

Likes: killing, fighting, music

Dislikes: peace, harmony

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Josh Lopez | 20 comments Name: Black Knight

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Personality: Inconsiderate, unforgiving, merciless, believes he's right all the time and is a elaborate with other villains.

Appearance: A tall slim man dressed in black armor, Sword made of steel, daggers on his legs, weapons on his back with artillery. Behind the armor is a slimy black figure with long white eyes, long claws and long spikes on his spine.

History: His birthplace is unknown, he was just created. When he was created he had a purpose, to kill. He had adopted brothers and an adopted father who was a king, but he killed them all, burned the kingdom down, slaughtered the women and children.

Superpowers: can transform into anything with his slimy substance and in his original form he can enlarge himself. Also, he can stretch himself.

Why are they evil?: His father was corrupt, so he killed everyone in his kingdom. But, when he killed everyone... he liked it, he liked how it felt, how he saw their faces break, how they slowly fade away and from then on he knew his purpose.

Likes: Death, blood, violence...War!

Dislikes: peace, harmony, anything that will stand in his way.

Other (optional):

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Josh Lopez | 20 comments Thank you!

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Of course!

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