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Hello all and welcome to Women in Foreign Policy's Book Club!

We are so excited about this new addition to WIFP and really want to get to know you all. As tomorrow is May 1st and the official start date of our bookclub it would be great to hear who you are, where you're from and why you're interested in reading about women and foreign policy.

So to start with - Hi, I'm Tash! I have been interning with WIFP since the start of the year and I help out with organising the different events that we put on. I love all things women and foreign policy - especially since studying for my masters in Gender and International Relations. Now that I'm no longer studying and reading everyday I have a huge void in my life that needs to be filled! At the moment I'm based in London - which hopefully means I'll get to meet some of you soon.

Please feel free to add to this discussion in the coming days introducing yourself in whatever way you'd like. If you have any questions please ask away or send me a message. Just a reminder that our first book is This Child Will Be Great: Memoir of a Remarkable Life by Africa's First Woman President - so pick up a copy and enjoy!

This Child Will Be Great Memoir of a Remarkable Life by Africa's First Woman President by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

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Temi Phyllis | 1 comments Hi Tash & everyone!

I am Temi a development consultant. I think this book club is a great idea and look forward to discussing our selected book for this month with you all.


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Lucy | 1 comments Hi everyone,

I'm a newsletter coordinator at Women in Foreign Policy. Although I'm based in Newcastle, I will hopefully be able to join some of the book club meetings in London!


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Sanja Asikainen | 2 comments Hello,

My name is Sanja and I'm very excited about this book club! I'm finishing up my master's studies in international affairs in Geneva, and from this summer onwards I'll be back in Helsinki for some time. This means that unfortunately I won't be able to join the book club meetings in London, but I'll be happy to participate in the online discussions.

Thank you for organising!


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Katie Peach (katiereadstheworld) | 1 comments Hi everyone!

My name is Katie and I just finished my MA in International Studies last year and I now work for an international development organization. I'm really interested in the role of women in peace building, particularly in the Middle East. Unfortunately, I won't be able to go to the meetings in London, but I am excited to participate in online discussion!

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Jo | 2 comments Hello everyone, so nice to take part in this reading group from overseas! I'm Jo and following my MA in public administration, I moved to Canada and work in international finance, but with a keen interest in politics and global affairs.

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Stephanie | 2 comments Hello, so nice to e-meet everyone. I'm Stephanie and following my MA in International Relations I work for an international development social enterprise. I am extremely interested in the role of gender when it comes to international human rights, and the role of women more generally. I live in Hertfordshire so am able to hopefully meet some of you in London.

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Annie | 1 comments Hello everyone! My name is Annie. I finished my MA in International Relations last year and I'm now working for a cultural and development organisation in Brussels. I may not make it to the London meetings but I'm looking forward to taking part in the discussions online!

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Jade Moore | 1 comments Hi everyone,
I’m Jade. I currently live in London and work in Sexual Health commissioning and am looking to studying my masters in September.
May be able to attend some the meetings in London too :)

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Jennifer Fearon | 1 comments Hello everyone! I'm Jennifer and, following my MPH, I have worked as an policy advocacy and strategic communications consultant for global and domestic health access causes. I am based in NYC, so cannot attend the meetings but likewise look forward to participating online. Lovely to meet you all!

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Emily (emgray_saladay) | 1 comments Hi all! I'm a bit late to the discussion but I'm Emily, also a newsletter coordinator at Women in Foreign Policy, and looking forward to starting my masters in international affairs in the fall. Looking forward to finally reading this book!

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