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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Adult fic of girl who was kidnapped as a child [s]

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Julie (jcl710) | 3 comments I remember reading this book from a local library some years ago, and I remember wanting to see if the author had written any other books but, obviously, I can't even remember what it was called!

The few things I remember were of it being a young girl (I'm thinking 5-7ish but might be older) being kidnapped by a man who described her as the perfect girl to him (in that creepy pedophile way). He keeps her in some remote location, and I'm pretty sure he didn't live there, just came and went.

If I'm remembering right, the story is told centering around the girl as lives there and it spans years so that she's growing up as the story is told. Kind of a really creepy coming of age story.

A few more details that might help ***POTENTIAL SPOILERS***- It's really weird but I'm pretty sure I remember the girl, when she gets older kind of accidentally discovers how to masturbate, but instead of calling it that she calls it 'reaching'.

Also, there may or may not have been some sort of 'voice' that she talks to, kind of like an imaginary friend since she's isolated from any other people. This might be a cat/dog too, or some kind of pet.

And last thing, I could swear the author's last name starts with a 'G', or at least a letter within C-K. That's only from a vague memory of where I found the book on the shelf, though, and I could be entirely wrong about that.

Hopefully that's enough detail to start with! :)

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Julie (jcl710) | 3 comments With
Actually ended up finding it finally on Amazon, thankfully they give you a little sample to read because I didn't recognize the cover at all.

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Julie (jcl710) | 3 comments Also, I don't know how to changed this to solved and add the book? Admin help please?

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Krystal (00krystal) | 132 comments At the top of your post, you'll see a little "edit" link after the thread title. This will take you to a page where you can move it to the SOLVED folder and add what book the thread is about. Looks like yours is already in the SOLVED folder, and books are added over the side whenever anybody includes them using the "add book/author" option in their posts, but if you'd like, you can still go to the edit and add the actual book you found.

Hope that helped :)

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