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Night Conjurings: Tales of Terror
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Author/Publisher/Etc. Promotion > A collection of chilling horror stories on sale now for 99 cents!

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Harvey Click | 82 comments Night Conjurings Tales of Terror by Harvey Click Night Conjurings: Tales of Terror is on sale at Amazon through May 6.

Ghosts, vampires, demons, serial killers, and other deadly denizens of the dark haunt this collection of chilling short stories by horror master Harvey Click.
•An unhappy and unloved boy summons a substitute mother—with sharp teeth.
•Two teenage boys learn it’s better to leave a spooky abandoned house alone.
•Can ghosts kill? Denise is about to find out the hard way.
•When her creative writing teacher offers to teach Kathy how to write a horror story, she finds herself trapped inside one.
•A man discovers he may be a killer, though he can’t remember the murders.
•A man with a terrible past, a wizard from the dark side of the moon, and a pitchfork perform a dark drama of murder and madness.
•A time traveler attempts to bring his dead fiancée back to life.
•Many people wish to be ageless, but what happens when an immortal woman begins to lose her mind?
•An artist literally draws a dead woman out of her grave.
•An elderly woman seeks to recover her forgotten past, but some things are better left forgotten.
•A petty swindler tries to buy good luck but ends up with the sort of luck nobody would want.
•And finally, a brief fable about a box of very sharp silence.

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Latasha (latasha513) | 11291 comments Mod
"you purchased this on November 29, 2017" lol. well ok!

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