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Book Issues > removed book from author page, but another edition appeared

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message 1: by hken (new)

hken | 4 comments Hi fellow librarians,

Could you please help me with the below issue?

This book (Book1 by Author1)

was wrongly listed on the page of this author (Author2)

since two authors have the same name.

I removed Book1 from the list of books by Author2 by adding a space inside the name of Author1 in Book1's data (as instructed in the librarian manual).

Book 1 was removed, but then another edition of the book (Book2) appeared in its place in the list of books of Author2:

Book2 doesn't even have Author1 in its authors list..

Not sure what i did wrongly..


message 2: by Michael (new)

Michael Korleone (michaelkorleone) | 3881 comments It's a caching issue and will resolve itself in sometime. You can notice that the book is removed from author2's profile if you check the full list of works -

message 3: by hken (new)

hken | 4 comments Thanks Michael.

Book2 no longer appears on Author2's page either.
All's good now.

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