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Raven Stratagem (The Machineries of Empire, #2)
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Rachel (Kalanadi) (kalanadi) | 66 comments Welcome to the readalong for Raven Stratagem by Yoon Ha Lee! I'm Rachel and I'll be hosting - welcome to anyone reading along now or later :-)

This was one of my favorite books of 2017 and this month I'm going to be rereading it as well as the first book in the series (Ninefox Gambit).

Discuss away - and please remember to hide any potential spoilers.

Matt Carl (pressenter) | 55 comments Also one of my favorite books last year. I thought it was much easier to get into than Ninefox Gambit. Maybe because it had already laid enough of the world building foundations, or maybe I was just more used to it. In any case, I know there were a lot of mixed reactions to the first book and hope it doesn’t put people off from picking this one up.

Marc Really enjoying this series - Raven Strategem has a bit more humor and character development and after doing the hard work trying to wrap my head around the world and the Calendars - this is a lot more hard SF comfort reading which is exactly what I need...

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