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message 1: by NordicTurtle (new)

NordicTurtle Hi,

I'm doing a reading challenge and have to read a book set in the 1980s. Does anyone have any recommendations for NA books set in this decade?

Thank you!

message 2: by Mercedes (last edited Apr 30, 2018 06:27PM) (new)

Mercedes | 257 comments I haven't read these but maybe something from either of these series?
Melt With You (A Totally '80s Romance, #1) by Addison Moore or 1982 Maneater (Love in the 80s #3) by Cambria Hebert (the rest are in the link below)

message 3: by NordicTurtle (new)

NordicTurtle Those all look amazing! Thank you so much for the suggestions! :)

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