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mewborn • i'm emo (mewborn) | 34 comments Mod
This is Head Mod Mew's journal! Do NOT post here!

mewborn • i'm emo (mewborn) | 34 comments Mod
Sun, May 6

It's 10:14 in the morning, and I am sitting on my bed wondering what to do. Today, me, my Dad, and step family are going to go see the new Avengers movie, Infinity War. I am sooooo stoked! We might go to a Military Appreciation Carnival for the second time. We also went yesterday.
The carnival has a Civil War exhibit. I learned how to determine the ranks of horses, and I learned how to amputate limbs. I am only 13, lol.
I love to name my stuff, so I shall name you, my journal, soon. At the end of all of my entries, I will put a name choice, and then I will choose 😊

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mewborn • i'm emo (mewborn) | 34 comments Mod
Mon, May 21

It is 7:18 am, and I am wondering what I should wear. I have an idea, but my hair is ugly so I need to make sure I have a hairstyle to go with it. But that is not why I am writing this down! I am here to talk about my crazy week, last week! So crazy!

So, for starters, let's go to Thursday, my award ceremony. I got an award for the 'most famous' (that's what everyone says) teacher, and the very first award for the 8th graders, for citizenship. I am related to our 7th President, Andrew Jackson, so everyone at school (at least, the cool kids) call me JJ. The famous teacher, Coach Howard, called me Jenni Jackson (my name is Genni!) when I went up there to receive my award. To be funny, I didn't shake his hand, I just smiled to him and audience and walked back to my seat.

So, I forgot to say before, I had made last two STAAR tests on Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday was science, Thursday was History. I suck at History, but Coach Howard (the school now calls him Boach Boward..!) wrote on the board "DAB ON THE STAAR, - BOACH BOWARD!" It was hilarious.

Friday was the most crazy day of my week. I'll go from first to last. The first crazy thing was my field trip. I went to Don Strange Ranch, and I went ziplining. This boy, William, has a HUGE crush on me, and he tells me a lot that he does, kept trying to get close to me. I just want to be friends :(
We went to go eat lunch, and it was normal, except my friend called me a rude name so I left. I came back later, though, lol.
After lunch we were going to go on a tractor with a trailer with hay barrels for us to sit on, so we can attempt to go 'rock climbing' This girl named... Amberly.... (my so-called, "Best Friend!") tried pushing me off of the trailer, and almost succeeded. Ugh, I hate her so much! 😖😭
Me and my REAL best friend, Aidan, snagged seats somewhere. But, guess what! This man, deciding it weighed too much or something, came and took us off! All the small kids, except Amberly, got kicked off, so the huge kids snagged OUR seats! Not fair!

After the crazy field trip, I had to put on a play. I played one of the leading roles (Google/ Main Villain) and I was scared but happy! I got in my costume and did some makeup. I'm ready to do this! The production went well, I remembered a lot of my lines, though I stuttered once. Towards the end, when I was trying to take over the star's mind, I was waiting for someone. I was on stage, and I said their cue, but they never showed up. I did some improve to get them going, but no! Someone came on to the stage to keep things going! Yay! But after that, (Amberly, the one that didn't show) screamed at me, saying that I skipped her. She didn't stop till I cried...

After leaving the production early, I went home to get ready for prom! I got to go, even though I am grounded! Yesssssssss! While there, the boy who has a crush on me was there two, William. He kept asking me to dance, but there was no slow songs, just rap music! Booooring! I left after awhile, changed, and passed out till 10:30! YAWN!

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mewborn • i'm emo (mewborn) | 34 comments Mod
Tue, Aug 14

It is 3:03 pm and I am sitting on my bed, after babysitting my neighbors for 4 hours. It was so much fun, we couldn't stop laughing the whole time! Last night I came back to GoodReads and decided "Hm, maybe I shouldn't give on GoodReads, I did have a lot of fun. I'm coming back!" So, well, I'm back!!

School starts on Aug 20 and it is my first day of high school all together! I am a 9th grader, and, OMG, I am stoked to learn!!

I get my Chromebook/Computer maybe this Friday, on the 17 of Aug, 3 days before school! I got some new clothing, I can't wait to wear them. A dark green shirt, and Harry Potter merch shirt!!

I'm also getting my braces tightened today, so you can expect me moaning about my mouth hurts... It really will ;(
But hey, on the bright side, they are making my teeth better and prettier! ;D

Well, here I guess is where I go. BUG OUT!


mewborn • i'm emo (mewborn) | 34 comments Mod
Wed, Aug 15

Hallo, Caitlyn! And readers! It is 1:20pm and I am once again sitting on my bed, listening to my current song (I replay it over and over XD) Control, by Hasley! It is such a good song, and I reckon that I can relate to the song XD

Not the part where kids are scared of me, though. They are only scared when I yell, or tell my scary stories ;)
If you ever want to hear a scary story, just PM me! I love sharing stories!!

I start my first day of highschool on August 20th, which is now in less than 5 days. I count my days a bit weirdly. If it is before 12pm, I count the day. Once it is afternoon, 1pm, I stop counting the day. So since it is now 1:23 I don't count today. So basically, FOUR DAYS!!

I'm so excited, you have no idea..! Just kidding, I bet you have the exact idea XD Today is kind of a lazy day, my Step mom is a teacher, so she is at work getting ready. My Dad is in the Army, and he is training to be a PA (Physicians Assistant! Kind of like a Doctor) I am so proud of him.

This Friday I go to my high school to pick up my Chromebook, which they issue to everyone. On Friday my younger brother and older sister, Jon and Maddi, go back to my mom's house, me not going ;( I miss her so much. Abby, my step sister, (she is going to college) is driving Braden (my step brother) to his school for meet-the-teacher day.

Remember what I said yesterday? Getting my braces tightened? Well, guess what. I did! The bands were a dark green, but I changed them to purple. The original shade! They sort of hurt, but I am finally getting used to them!

Ba-bai, my sweet journal! Even though I have only put three entries, soon to four, I feel good typing out all this! LOVE YOU!!


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