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mewborn • i'm emo (mewborn) | 34 comments Mod
Please, introduce yourselves here!
If you, like some others, don't really know how, you can just follow the format below!


Hi, my name is ____ and I like to _____!


And please, feel free to welcome others! Be noice!

mewborn • i'm emo (mewborn) | 34 comments Mod
Hi, my name is Mew! I am your Head Mod here at Daily Life ™, and I am also the creator of this group, Daily Life ™!
I love to write, sing, act, swim, dance, and read! Want to learn more about me, pm me! Feel free to smash the friend request!

message 3: by Bilal (new)

Bilal Taibzada hey my name is bish

I am officially a fart and I'm done with this shit

so fuck this group where there is no democracy

and I advice y'all to get the fuck outta here too

cuz our mod doesn't want this group to grow up and be successful

so fuck this whole shit
imma outtie
here tell them something about me

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Hi, I am Courtney and I love people. It is really easy to get me mad so please be careful when messaging me. I love to read, write, sing, and listen to music sometimes dance when it's a good enough song and no one is looking at me.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Hi, my name is Kaitlyn and I like to do all sorts of things! From baseball to baking, you name it! I love to chat and I'm looking forwards to doing so here. :)

message 6: by Casper (new)

Casper Bryant (therecklessreader) | 9 comments Hi, I’m Casper and I like to read, act, and play and listen to music. I can get.... argumentative, so be careful.

message 7: by Juicelyn (new)

Juicelyn | 13 comments Hi! My name is Jocelyn, but you can call me Juicelyn or Juice. I don’t know how that nickname came to be, but it stuck I guess. I’m always super busy due to school and I’m in colorguard, but I only have 21 more school days left so yay! I love to dance, read, and well dance some more.

message 8: by Maisam (new)

Maisam Raza | 1 comments I am a boy who does not mind any thing so feel free when messaging me.

mewborn • i'm emo (mewborn) | 34 comments Mod
Welcome Everyone to Daily Life ™!

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