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The Witch Prophecy
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Witch trying to forget her painful past and Alpha Wolf with a bad history with witches are mates. YA fantasy Supernatural. [s]

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Jay (jadabo) | 39 comments The book is about a new girl in town who is a witch. Her parents died because they were protecting her or also since they were witches. Her family was attacked bad guys are looking for her. When she was very little. She has a doctor or social worker she checks in with. She was traumatized.Family hates her.
Spoiler: (view spoiler)

She wanted to get away from her family/ people who took her in. She moves into a small house in in a small town in the South of the US, out down some rode near the forest. She still goes to high school though I'm not sure on her age, maybe 17 or 18.

There's a werewolf pack or wolf shifters in the town. That their territory wolves don't get along with witches. The alpha's sister befriends her and they stay at the witch's house most of the time because outsiders aren't allowed in the packhouse. She knew that her new friend was a wolf when she had family troubles and when to her house and transformed at her doorstep. The witch lied when they asked if she saw something.

The Alpha is her mate. He's older than her in his 20s i think.
Spoiler: (view spoiler) His name might be Cain (that's what pops up when I try to remember.) He has family problems his mom might've died. His dad is on vacation(?) with his way younger new mate.
There's lots of drama with this other girl in the pack who he had a relationship with that tries a trick him by saying they had a baby when they didn't. Which happen when the Alpha was warming up to the witch. Most people didn't like her or was hesitant to interact with her because she was a witch. I think there was some type of prophecy or legend involving a (bad) witch.

The book was an ebook on amazon kindle. The author was female and found it when looking at Unique, Different, Found related section. I read it around 2017-16. It might have been self published.

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Jay (jadabo) | 39 comments The girl get kidnapped towards the end of the book.
+Bumping it up

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Jay (jadabo) | 39 comments +might've came out 2015 maybe not

Melanie | 556 comments bumping because I'm interested in this book

Melanie | 556 comments is it the witch prophecy?
The Witch Prophecy by Mary Goldberger

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MJ | 1424 comments I'd like to read it.

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Jay (jadabo) | 39 comments Melanie wrote: "is it the witch prophecy?
The Witch Prophecy by Mary Goldberger"

Yes! This is it. Sorry for the late reply. Thank you so much I have been looking for this forever I thought I might've dreamed it up.

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Glad you found your book, rayshonte. Thanks for the update.

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