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Introducing Vivien Leigh Reid: Daughter of the Diva (Diva, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Realistic fiction YA teen book about teen who hates that her mother is a famous actor. [s]

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Eldritch Cheese | 35 comments Physical book written for teens that was read 2006-2010. Likely published 2000-2007. It might've been the second book in a series. A girl is fed up with having an actor for a mother. Her mother is always distant and busy. I believe they went to Ireland in this book. The girl gets a small role in a television show and acts like a total diva.

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Eldritch Cheese | 35 comments Thank you so much!

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Rainbowheart | 21139 comments Welcome, glad to help! :)

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