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message 1: by Hanane (new)

Hanane (mshanane) | 3 comments What will the May book be? I just found this group and I love ya'lls podcast. So I can't wait to get started. I just downloaded the Nellie Bly book.

message 2: by Amber (new)

Amber (mommytucker) | 157 comments Mod
Mid-April a poll went out on whether we would continue to read Nellie Bly: Daredevil, Reporter, Feminist for one month or two and the vote was 2 months because of the sheer size of the book. So April & May we are reading Nellie Bly: Daredevil, Reporter, Feminist.

message 3: by Hanane (new)

Hanane (mshanane) | 3 comments thanks Amber.... that's good as I just got the book. this is perfect

message 4: by Kim (new)

Kim Hitt | 6 comments I'm glad we are giving this book two months. Our local libraries are currently closed and this does not seem to be available to me as an ebook or audio book. Here's to hoping those libraries open up soon!

message 5: by Ann (new)

Ann Longfellow | 21 comments Mod
Ki - This was from last year - we are still choosing,our May/June book for this year. We are looking for suggestions if you have one.

message 6: by Kim (new)

Kim Hitt | 6 comments Teach me to not look at dates... smh... Thanks for the correction!

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