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Assassin's Fate (The Fitz and the Fool, #3)
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message 1: by Jenna, I'd be free if not for Temper & Edgewalker (new) - added it

Jenna Kathleen (jennakathleen) | 4607 comments Mod
May 24th.

message 2: by Elinor (new)

Elinor | 1548 comments I thought that one was happening in August ?

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6217 comments I think there is a BR for it in August. Shaitarn and I are just reading it sooner. :)

message 4: by Elinor (new)

Elinor | 1548 comments Ah ok ! I'm relieved, I wanted to read it as a BR to motivate myself but absolutly can't do that in May ^^

Shaitarn | 1965 comments I'm currently about 38% of the way in, and I am loving it!

Spoilers for chapter 1 - 16:

Bee: (view spoiler)

Fool: (view spoiler)

Fitz: (view spoiler)

Pers & Lant: (view spoiler)

It's great to see how Robin Hobb seems to be gathering all the threads of the previous Elderling books and bringing them to a definite conclusion in this trilogy, and impressive - I can't help but marvel at how she's managing to keep everything straight!

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6217 comments I'm starting today and will try to catch up. :)

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6217 comments Sorry I'm a bit late. Just a few chapters left till 17. Will get them done tomorrow morning and open your spoilers.

I've been trying to balance this with Fugitive Prince and Stone Sky while trying to finish the classics too.

At what chapter are you now? Or have you already finished it?

Shaitarn | 1965 comments I'm currently at the start of chapter 37. I'll probably take a break for a day or two to read Earthsea instead, although it's so good it's hard to set it down. I hope you're enjoying this as much as I am!

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6217 comments Sorry I'm taking so long this time. :(

These last few days haven't allowed me much time for reading and I'm behind with everything.

I just finished chaper 17 last night and opened your spoilers.

I completely agree with Bee being awesome and Fitz being so much wiser. I absolutely adore Bee and love Fitz too. Also I don't like the Fool very much either.

He seems to put him getting to Cleres in front of everything else without the smallest regard for anyone.
(view spoiler)

I'll try to hurry up and finish this by tomorrow so do post your thoughts for the end of the book. I can understand now that you didn't feel like setting it down. It's wonderful.

Shaitarn | 1965 comments What a wonderful book this is! I'm so glad we read it!

I'm going to put spoilers just in case someone who hasn't finished the book reads this thread:

Bee (view spoiler)

Dwalia (view spoiler)

Paragon and the Liveships (view spoiler)

Nettle & Chade: (view spoiler)

Fitz and that ending (view spoiler)

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6217 comments I felt quite the same about every single thing.

I totally understand Bee's (view spoiler)

I am happy to have read this. It was a great book and a great series.

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