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Peter (on hiatus) (peterdonnelly) This is the discussion thread for our May Group Read Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers by Gabriel Weinberg. I look forward to hearing from everyone.

Peter (on hiatus) (peterdonnelly) Do you agree with the following 19 Traction Channels listed in the book?:

Targeting Blogs
Unconventional PR
Search Engine Marketing
Social and Display Ads
Offline Ads
Search Engine Optimisation
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Engineering as Marketing
Viral Marketing
Business Development
Affiliate Programmes
Existing Platforms
Trade Shows
Offline Events
Speaking Engagements
Community Building

Do you feel several channels overlap or cannot be undertaken without an equal focus on another channel?

Justin Kerby (justinkerby) | 29 comments Mod
I'm enjoying making my way through these channels - not sure about overlap quite yet. But I love that the book has plenty of qualified experts on each subject. Really great group of people that are featured in the book.

Peter (on hiatus) (peterdonnelly) What did you think of the Bullseye process?

It's difficult to position a book looking at Traction Channels for New Start companies and New Entrepreneurs because they need to be focused on which channels will work for them but be open to change because they don't have enough information to make choices like that. I thought this book was the best I've seen to tackle that problem.

As you also say great experts quoted throughout the book.

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