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The Radical Element (A Tyranny of Petticoats, #2)
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April 2018: Strong Women > The Radical Element - Jessica Spotswood - 4 stars

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Hebah (quietdissident) | 675 comments Pretty solid short story collection. (Huh. This is my second entry that's a short story collection. I don't actually read that many short story collections...) This is also another one that isn't necessarily in the tag collection, but it definitely is a thematic fit.

I'm always a sucker for stories of young women who persevere in spite of odds stacked against them, and this collection goes a step further and adds intersectionality to the perspectives. It is limited to young women in the United States, and for that narrow a scope, manages not to include any Native voices, but the voices it does include are compelling and multifaceted, ranging in ethnicity, abilities, religions, and sexualities.

Highlights for me were Dahlia Adler's "Daughter of the Book," a story of a young Jewish woman who wants to further her education to deepen her faith in spite of education being outside of a woman's accepted role; "Glamour" by Anna-Marie McLemore, about a young Mexican woman wanting to make it in Hollywood with a dash of magic to hide who she really is; "Better for All the World," featuring a young autistic woman finding her purpose against the backdrop of a famous eugenics Supreme court case; and Sarvenaz Tash's "The Belle of the Ball," a tale of a young woman who wants to be a comedy writer like the woman whose name she saw in the credits of her favorite show, "I Love Lucy," in a time when too many people don't think women can be funny, and her own mother simply wants her to marry well to advance.

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Jason Oliver | 2105 comments This looks really interesting. Adding to TBR.

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