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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Contemporary Romance: Married couple head to mother's house in Canada(?) and get involved in a car crash on the way there. Stranded in a small cabin until brother rescues them. Winter time.

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Ana (pinklife) | 3 comments I read this book somewhere between the beginning of this year(2018) and last year(2017), but I think it might be a bit older. The main plot is about a couple, who were having marriage problems, being involved in car crash on the way to the hero's mother's house, which I think is in Canada. From there, they manage to find a small cabin to hide out until the hero's brother comes and rescues them, who happens to be some type of rescuer(?). I remember they weren't able to escape the cabin because the snow was very high and there was wolves out there. I believe this is part of series, or something like when an author connects two books. The other book is about his brother and how he finds love with a girl on the run. I believe he had dated a women his mother set him up with and it was hard for him to trust after that.
I think the author would be similar to Alexa Rily or C.M Steele.

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Ana, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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