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Steve Downes (stevedownes) | 23 comments NEW NOVEL part 2 of the Botolf Chronicles
Temporal Tome is available from today

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Cosmogonic Marbles

Temporal Tome
Part 2 of the Botolf Chronicles

The Blurb

For those of you who haven’t read the first instalment of the ‘Botolf Chronicles’, or did and have forgotten it, or have had it surgically removed from your brain, here is a brief and, largely, inaccurate summary of what has happened so far.

James Philips, a former student of the infamous Botolf-almost-Oxford College has found himself in the heart of a hidden supernatural world, centred on two groups, one human and one inter-dimensional. In a bizarre (and quite frankly hard to believe) set of circumstances England has been invaded by an ancient magical group of Wizards and a warlord King from magical version of our Earth.

With me so far?


You poor sods.

James Philips is a worried man at the start of our story. By the middle of it he is an extremely worried man; his worry is so great it could worry a blue whale and still have enough worry left over for an elephant or two (if you stood them close to each other). Firstly, his wife, Elizabeth, is missing (she is in fact on the alternative Earth about to marry the warlord King Vortigern), secondly, his brother Philip is also missing (he is also on the alternative Earth and marriage is very far from his mind, but we will come to him later) and thirdly, he finds himself an unwilling member of a secret organisation that protects the world from inter-dimensional threats. James is also worried about his former mentor’s soul, currently occupying a video cassette but that, for the moment, is the least of his worries.

The aforementioned Philip Philips is not having a good time. Having spent forty years in a state of perpetual scrounging and career failure, he now finds himself stuck in a magical medieval world, with some rather dubious company. He is desperately trying to find a way back to his own world for reasons that he’s not entirely sure of.

Back on our Earth the governments of the World are trying to explain away the strange events of the last few weeks. Some people have vague recollections of an alien invasion and mass destruction across southern England. Others woke up in their beds convinced that they had spent several days being dead. But on a certain dull Monday morning the world appeared normal, no one was dead (who wasn’t dead already) and no damage could be found (only James Philips and his new colleagues were aware that the world was missing two people). The population of the planet felt that something was wrong, something from their collective memory was missing but they couldn’t quite put their fingers on it. It was a bit like when you go to the supermarket and fill up a trolley with biscuits; you stand at the till knowing you came in for something else but darned if you can think of it, only to get home to find your house has burned down and you had left to phone the fire brigade.

So is that all clear ? …No? …Good! …Then we can get on.

Steve Downes (stevedownes) | 23 comments Snippet #3 from Temporal Tome

The Tiger was perched at the back of the boat. For a large cat it didn’t seem to mind the sea spray washing over it. In fact it looked as if it was enjoying it. The crew of the Saxon longboat had never seen a Tiger before and most of them would be happy if they never saw one again, but while it was here on their vessel they had no choice but to put up with it.
Mad Manon had given them their sailing orders after it became clear to the crew that the Tiger was with the two strangers and seemed very keen either to set sail or eat them. The instructions had been simple, sail past the land of Saints and Scholars and keep going west until we get to where we’re going.
“But we’ll fall off the edge of the Earth!” protested one of the crew.
“It’s alright,” answered Mad Manon, “I’ve got cabbages in my trousers.”
To this remark the crew could give no reply. Were the cabbages magic? Or the trousers enchanted? Either way, while the Tiger was on board they had to do what they were told or jump overboard, as they were now in uncharted and dangerous waters, drifting west, far from land.

“We don’t have enough food for a long journey,” one of the crew said, possibly the captain, but he wasn’t about to advertise that fact to two men with a large cat at their command.
Mad Manon made no reply to this. He often went weeks without food, his madness keeping his body sustained, or at least in his mad mind that’s what he thought it did, perhaps it didn’t. The Postman, feeling that there was a need for someone to take charge and more content now that his package (the Tiger) was back in his possession and could be delivered to Philip Philips, began to answer, “We can …” he began and realised he didn’t have a solution for the problem. In desperation he continued, “…he’s got cabbages in his trousers.”

NEW NOVEL part 2 of the Botolf Chronicles
Temporal Tome is available now
get part 1 #FREE
Cosmogonic Marbles
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