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Bookworm with Kids This is the discussion thread for our May Group Read Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. The theme of this month's read is disability. I look forward to hearing from everyone.

Peter (catching up) (peterdonnelly) | 35 comments So glad this came up as I've wanted to read this book for some time. Wasted no time in reading. From the first page, it was such a poetic piece of classic literature.

There are a lot of discussion points, especially for a spoiler thread.

Bookworm with Kids My daughter brought this home from school this evening for me so I hope to start tomorrow. Do people want me to open the spoiler thread early this month?

Peter (catching up) (peterdonnelly) | 35 comments It's a book that is small enough to read in 1 sitting, so probably an earlier spoiler thread than normal would be useful. I'm not precious though and can wait until mid-month until a good number have read it.

message 5: by Barbara (new)

Barbara (bdegar) | 4626 comments I did indeed have a copy and found it this evening on my shelves.

Bookworm with Kids I have opened the spoiler thread now. Sorry it is late, after me saying that I would open it early!
I have to admit that I liked this book a lot. Steinbeck says a lot in few words. The characters in particular were very well-drawn. I thought Lennie was very sympathetically written.

Bookworm with Kids We were watching the film "Guardians of the Galaxy" last night when my second daughter said that Rocket and Groot were George and Lennie from Of Mice and Men! I can actually see where she is coming from...

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