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Ecclesiastical History of the English People
Bede > Finishing Eccl. History of English People

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grllopez ~ with freedom and books (with_freedom_and_books) | 139 comments Mod
I have finished reading Bede's Ecclesiastical History. It was super easy reading, but not riveting. He was not exaggerating: it is truly ecclesiastical, meaning it relates to the Christian Church -- more specifically, the Roman Catholic Church.

It was somewhat impossible for me to believe much of what Bede wrote about, and I am having a difficult time accepting it as truth. I am not comfortable believing people who say they have visions, dreams, perform miracles, and die and come back to life. I do not believe it in the year 2000s, and I cannot believe it from the 600s.

If you did not read this, and you have no interest, I would skip it and not fret about it. But if you are interested in Church history, you still may find this intriguing. Bede does include much English history, which is informative.

Other than that, I am ready to move on.

message 2: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (Donut) | 24 comments So, Machiavelli's Prince is next?

grllopez ~ with freedom and books (with_freedom_and_books) | 139 comments Mod
Christopher wrote: "So, Machiavelli's Prince is next?"

Yes! Finally! : )

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