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message 1: by Angie ☯ (new)

Angie ☯ | 136 comments Welcome to Hours 20 & 21!

Congrats, if you are still with us at these hours! We're Angie & Karsyn and we'll be with you for these two hours. We're going to mix things up a little bit, we hope that you won't mind! Here's what we're asking of you these hours:

Hour 20: Bookish Theme
1 ~ Tell us the Title of the Book you are currently reading
2 ~ Post the last full sentence on page 22 / @ 22% of your current Book *
3 ~ Answer the question asked by the previous poster
4 ~ You ask a BOOKISH** question for the next poster

* Come back at the end of the 2 hours for a fun little surprise.

** Make sure you don't ask a question that has been asked already today. You can see what most questions are about by clicking Hourly Questions Thread. If you can't think of anything to ask, here are some suggestions:

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message 2: by Mel (new)

Mel | 25 comments Hello hello, what a nice mix up!
I am currently reading Illuminae by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufmann. The last sentence on page 22: haha there’s only a map :D I’ll take page 21 instead? “But knowing each of you as I do, I have no doubt you will rise to the challenge before us and get these civilians to the Heimdall waypoint alive.”
As for bookish questions.. writing in books: yay or nay?

message 3: by Jamie (new)

Jamie Barringer (Ravenmount) (ravenmount) | 529 comments Mod
1. The City of Dreaming Books
2. "Good or bad, Dancelot's efforts belonged to the reading public."
3. Writing in books? It all depends on whether you own the book and what you are writing. NEVER write in a book that is not yours, of course. I don't usually, but some books lend themselves to marginal notes.
4. What tempting-looking books have you come across so far during this readathon that you are adding to your TBR?

message 4: by Lamilla (new)

Lamilla | 317 comments 1 Lullaby
2 Louise washes the curtains yellowed by tobacco and dust
3 What tempting-looking books have you come across so far during this readathon that you are adding to your TBR?
I haven't added anything to my TBR during the readathon
4 Authors from which country spike your interest the most?

message 5: by GabsAboutBooks (new)

GabsAboutBooks What a fantastic idea! It's 2am where I am. Just had a little nap and ready to get back to reading.
1. I'm currently reading Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody. I
2. "She's kinda thick"
3. love a variety of authors but many of my favorite books were written by English Authors.
4. Where do you tend to get most of your books? I either by mine on Amazon, half price books, Target, and my public library for my e-books.

message 6: by Therese (new)

Therese | 4 comments 1. Children of Blood and Bone (the swedish translation)
2. Jag går fram för att hjälpa henne, men hon slår bort min hand.
3. Since I work at a public library I think I get most of the books from there. But when I'm bying my own copies my favourite book shop is Scifi-bokhandeln (a book shop with main focus on sci fi, fantasy, comics and board games), and the last couple of yerars I have got most of my books from there.
4. What was your top read of last year?

message 7: by Angie ☯ (last edited Apr 29, 2018 01:05AM) (new)

Angie ☯ | 136 comments 1. Currently reading - The Devil in Disguise
2. "You just want me," he shrugged, "most women do, so don't beat yourself up over that."
3. We did a book bracket at BADASS Reading Challenges (BARC) Group and The Great Zoo of China was my winner!
4. What character from a book read during the Read-a-thon would you like to have over for a visit?

message 8: by Karsyn (new)

Karsyn  (imzadi) 1. Currently reading ~ Never Rest
2. Why would someone be in the amusement park at this hour... or at all?
3. Oberon!! He's an Irish Wolf Hound who can speak to his human (and some others) telepathically. He is SUPER funny and is my all time favorite animal character in books. (Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne)
4. What book(s), if any, do you tend to defend to people to the point where you'll get miffed if they don't like it too?

message 9: by Angie ☯ (last edited Apr 29, 2018 02:11AM) (new)

Angie ☯ | 136 comments Thank you all for joining us these two hours. We hope that you had fun!! :)

Check out the Little Surprise , we mentioned that would be posted at the end of our hours!

message 10: by Newly (last edited Apr 29, 2018 06:44AM) (new)

Newly Wardell | 145 comments OMGOODNESS What fab idea!! OMG I wish I could have stayed up!! GREAT IDEA Then she told me about beating this girl bloody I Killed: True Stories of the Road from America's Top Comics

I dont defend books. I tend to argue with ppl who do tho. LOL

4. What time did you wake up after Readathon? Highest of Fives!!

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