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Merenwen Inglorion | 21 comments Thanks, Shine! :D

I'm going to be posting the characters for my pet project, Convoluted Chronicles.
It all started because of the Five Enchanted Roses contest hosted by Rooglewood Press a few years back, and the world was originally going to be a mesh of fairy tale retellings (with traditionally lighter tales having a dark twist, and traditionally darker tales having a light twist). Now, it's something else. Not quite sure what it is, but it's something else. XD

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Merenwen Inglorion | 21 comments Character 1

Name: Richard (plus whatever variant or last name he feels like using during a given time period)

Species: Dragonling

Occupation: Guardian ("There's nothing else for a dragonling to be, so it's not like I had a choice. I'd rather be a stage magician or something...anything that'll let me make people disappear and stab swords through them. ;P")

Defining Relationship: Re-born Brother to Robby

Backstory/about: He used to be an Immortal. One of the nasty, tricksy kind. He enjoyed it. One day his antics took him too far and his life was ended. He hoped to wake to face his Maker, maybe sneer in the Maker's serene face; instead, he woke to the multi-eyed face of Oracle and was told that he had been given a new shot at life (something that almost never happens with Immortals). He was also told that he now had to guard the progeny of the people he'd duped, killed, or otherwise taken advantage of. Oh, and help a re-born mortal that he'd killed maintain the Time Spiral.
He may or may not be bipolar (he won't stick around long enough for his "brother" to make an accurate assessment).

Alignment: Neutral chaotic

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Merenwen Inglorion | 21 comments Name: Shade

Species: Human

Occupation: arch-nemesis of White Flyer

Backstory/about: He appeared in the city one night, while White Flyer was on a routine patrol. Shade took down the city's main hero easily, leaving him pinned to a billboard (right in the mouth of a model eating cereal) and his mecha-suit broken. Since then, he's taken control of a part of the city, and run minor heroes out of town. He only uses lethal methods when the heroes leave him no choice--or when they annoy him. Which is often.
If you find his lair, he'll greet you with an inclined head and a slice of strawberry cheesecake. If you find your way out...well, that hasn't happened before.

Alignment: Lawful evil

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Merenwen Inglorion | 21 comments Name: Endymion (he has other names, but this one's his favorite)

Species: Vampire

Occupation: He hasn't had an official job for a long time. In the story he's currently in, he mostly haunts the mountains of a small country and takes victims as he pleases.

Backstory/about: He used to be a king. When he was killed, his journey through purgatory revealed the hardness and decay of his heart. He rose as a vampire after a sleep of two hundred-fifty years. At that time, the castle was still occupied. He began appearing to puffed-up descendants, jumpy servants, and irreverent drunkards. People eventually began deferring to him, until he became the unofficial ruler. Preferring to control the current king and scare visitors over official rule, he remained hidden from the world. Then a time-traveler, captured and brought to the castle as a servant, eventually found out about him. She trapped him in a mirror. There he remained, until the castle was abandoned and the mirror eventually shattered. He went abroad for a time. Once again, he was foiled, this time by the Guardians of his time period. They trapped him in his castle, and locked the castle in a time vortex so he could never physically leave.

Alignment: Chaotic evil

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