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Jersey shore book stores?

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message 1: by Kristin (new)

Kristin | 3 comments Hi Jersey GoodReaders! I just joined this group and look forward to chatting with you.

I live in West Long Branch, near the northern part of the shore. I usually shop for my books at Borders ('cause of the coupons and great kids section). However, I'm more often found at the library because I only actually purchase books that I want to keep forever (mostly hardcover classics for both myself and my kids).

The problem is that it's difficult to find hardcovers at the big chain bookstores these days. I was curious if there is anyone out there from my area who is aware of a used or thrift book store where I might have more luck buying low price hardcovers?

I do not mind purchasing online because the prices are always so low, but I love little bookstores when I travel and just wish I could find one to support locally. Plus, who doesn't love browsing books and finding bargains?

Thanks for any potential advice and happy summer reading!
- Kristin

message 2: by Tom (new)

Tom Cheche | 3 comments West Long Branch might be a bit far, but The Raconteur in Metuchen (check out their web site) is a real hoot.

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