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message 1: by Richard (last edited May 05, 2018 08:23AM) (new)

Richard | 7 comments Hi all! I am seeking beta readers for the first few chapters of my novel--or more if you are interested. I need a few more beta readers!

Brittany is a twenty-year-old college student with dreams of making it to Julliard, one of the most prestigious music conservatories in the country. When Julliard offers her a partial scholarship, there’s still no guarantee she’ll make it to New York. A conviction for a crime she didn’t commit prevents Brittany from applying for the financial aid that would secure her spot at the conservatory.

When Brittany’s mom dies, she leaves her a letter explaining for the first time who her father is—T.J. Smith, a popular small town doctor and politician. More important, he has money, and if Brittany can gain his trust, he might be her ticket to Julliard. But the letter Brittany’s mom left describes her father as a selfish, uncaring man who abandoned Brittany and her mother before Brittany was born. Her mom leaves detailed instructions, and a warning that the only way she’ll get any help from Thomas is by manipulating him.

Brittany soon learns that Thomas isn’t the only one she has to win over. Thomas’ wife, Carrie, is understandably wary of Brittany, and his daughter Chloe can’t decide if she’s Brittany’s sister or her worst enemy.
And Thomas’ family aren’t the only ones interested in the girl claiming to be his long-lost daughter. Tracy, the campaign manager for Thomas’ opponent in the election, will try to find a way to reveal Brittany’s secret past, ruining any chance Brittany has of gaining Thomas’ trust—or of reaching her dreams.

message 2: by S.L. (new)

S.L. Wyllie (kingjasteroth) | 28 comments Hi Richard I will beta read the first 2 chapters if you like. If it pleases you, I will also highlight any section I find myself to be skimming over. My feedback will be positive, thorough, honest, and gentle.

message 3: by Richard (new)

Richard | 7 comments That's great. Thank you s.l. I'll send you an email.

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Kittykiller | 17 comments count me in

message 5: by Richard (new)

Richard | 7 comments Thanks! I'll send you an email.

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Richard | 7 comments Hi all, I need a few more readers. Thanks!

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