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quq  (190511) *no links work on this thread, in order to view character’s appearances look for them in the other Character threads

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quq  (190511) Name: Taro

Age: 16

Plant/Stream/Animal Appearance:

Human Appearance:

Taro knows her story, down to the last minute. It isn’t bad. In fact, it’s probably the opposite of that. She visits the den where she grew up, and her siblings.
She lived in cat form for 14 years.
She is the only one who can shift, out of their family.

Personality: Taro is smart and cautious. She knows the forest well. She is pretty independent and a leader, not a follower or teammate. She howls to see if you can find her. Not the other way around.

Relationship: *raises eyebrow*

Spirit Of: mapping

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quq  (190511) Name: Ruelle

Age: 107

Plant/Stream/Animal Appearance: or

Human Appearance:

Rue is old, she knows that. She also knows that she was normal, once.
Don’t cross a witch. You don’t learn that twice.
Rue was born to a griffin father and a deer mother. She is the result of years of untamed mixtures in breeding, a million species combined into one.
The witch cursed her. She is eternal, now, and will always be more comfortable in her animal skin.

Personality: Rue is very shy and skittish in her human form. She only changes if forced. Human skins are so fragile.
In her deer form, she is loving and protective and playful and friendly — the opposite of her human skin. She is very shy and aggressive in her fear at first, but once she gets used to you her true personality will come out.
In her griffin form, she is independent and brave. She doesn’t fear anything, but doesn’t want anyone, either. She is fine with being alone. If she wants to be with you in this form, you are something special.

Relationship: *winks* looking

Spirit Of: shape

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quq  (190511) Name: Zi

Age: 1 in cat years, 16 in human years

Plant/Stream/Animal Appearance:

Human Appearance:

Zi has been around for a while. Fifteen years.
For a cat, that’s only one year. Developmentally.
For this whole one year, she has lived in the forest with her parents. This month, she was turned loose to live on her own and learn to shift.
She can’t shift, at least not yet. She has tried so hard. At least she’s comfortable in her animal form.

Personality: she is smart and can provide for herself. She enjoys company, but can function just as well alone. She is pretty quiet usually. Not that she has a choice. If she could, she would be plenty vocal. If she was human, she’d probably just be a kind person. She’d probably not talk as much as she could, but she’d be happy.

Relationship: none *winks*

Spirit Of: sound

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quq  (190511) Name: Blue

Age: 16

Plant/Stream/Animal Appearance:

Human Appearance:

Blue knows he was supposed to be strong, a proper match for the leader of the pack. Who even knew there could be a pack of tigers?
He was strong, in fact — too strong. He killed his leader.
On laws, he because the head of the group. He ran away.
That leader? That was his sister.

Personality: Blue is melancholy. He is usually serious and just lonely. He sees the difference between lonely and alone, and he is definitely lonely. But he kind of wants to be. He thinks the next person he gets close to will die too.

Relationship: none

Spirit Of: darkness

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quq  (190511) Name: Samael (Sam)

Age: 15

Species: fallen angel


Sam doesn’t remember her fall. Her eyes were closed, her mind blank — until she hit the ground.
She remembers everything after that.
She landed in the wildflowers, Heather and Luke across from her.

Personality: Sam is defensive of others, even when they don’t deserve it. She is brave and adventurous, and a very curious person. She has a temper though, a spark — she’ll bite and bark, not run away with her tail tucked between her legs. She has a spirit that cannot be broken.

Relationship: her siblings, or so she thinks: Heather and Luke

Angel Of: spirit

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quq  (190511) Name: Heather (Hessy or Hes)

Age: 17

Species: fallen angel


Hes, unlike Sam, remembers the fall.
In fact, she remembers it down to the second.
Clouds are not actually fluffy.
The landing hurt, bad, but Sam seemed unfazed. Hes and Luke lay for a while. Marveling in the world. She recounted the fall in her head. Something was wrong.
Why had they fallen?
She couldn’t remember.

Personality: Heather is the quiet one — she is shy. Not cold, as most people first see her. On the contrary, in fact, she is very warm and kind once you get to know her. Compared to Sam’s spark, she is a bucket of water. Strong and determined, but shy.

Relationship: her siblings, or so she thinks: Samael and Luke

Angel Of: memory

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quq  (190511) Name: Luke (Lucky)

Age: 16

Species: fallen angel


Luke doesn’t know anything about how he got to this place — this forest. He only knows why they fell.
And he doesn’t want to revisit that anytime soon.
Maybe it was his fault.

Personality: Luke is pessimistic. He is very sensitive and sometimes destructive with his feelings. He is protective of his sisters, and would probably destroy heaven again to save them. Usually he is serious, and you are pretty lucky if you can coaxe a laugh or even smile out of him.

Relationship: his siblings, or so he thinks: Heather and Samael

Angel Of: destruction

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quq  (190511) Name: Follow

Age: 16


Really, Follow doesn’t have a sob story.
He was born in the forest, in the tree he’s lived in his whole life.
He has five sisters and two brothers.

Personality: Follow is pretty cheerful and all-around happy. He is pretty protective. He is brave and adventurous, and definitely curious. Sometimes he is scared of the dark, though, but if someone else is scared of something he will help them.

Spirit Animal: grizzly bear

Relationship: for Selene

Fairy Of: bears

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quq  (190511) Name: Dawn

Age: 6000 (16)

Dragon Appearance:

Human Appearance:

History: Dawn is old. She knows she was born sometime around 6000 years ago. She knows the rest of her family was human. She knows her birth family gave her up, because she was bright when they were dark. So she found a new one. They died, of course. But she still feels their love. She lives in the cliffs to the East side of the forest.

Personality: Dawn is just a very happy person. She is smart, and kind, and playful, and just an overall sunny person. She is terrified of the dark, however, and sometimes gets frightened easily.

Relationship: *wIIIIIIInk*

Dragon Of: the dawn

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