Unbreak My Heart (Fostering Love, #1) Unbreak My Heart question

*******Spoiler*********Did he realise that he had feelings for Kate for a long time but didn't want to accept her?
Ash Ash Apr 28, 2018 03:04AM
I just re-read the book again. I felt like Shane had always had a thing for Kate but he didn't want to face it. Especially with the quote "Sometimes I think I would have always found my way back to you." I just wish we had more of a back story when they were younger so I could fully understand why Shane ignored her like he did. But I felt like the hero loved the heroine more than his wife once he accepted his feelings for her. I saw that when he stepped into her hospital room after birth and thought "It had always been Kate. My hands shook as the truth seeped into my pores. It had been her since I was just a stupid kid."
And when he saw her sing two months before Rachel's death, he decided to stay away from her for a different now. It must be because he felt the connection as well right?

Yes I think you are right. Also her mom told her Shane was running because he couldn't handle someone he would have to so deeply emotionally connect with, and even in his thoughts he said that Kate would demand more for him than anyone ever had. He loved Rachel but it was easy to be with her because while they connected emotionally it was on a shallower level and they were always apart and it worked for them. Kate just saw him on a deeper level than Rachel ever would try too.

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