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Books with Dating Shows
Stephanie Mozes Stephanie Jul 27, 2014 10:20PM
Hello! I was wondering if anyone had any other book recommendations that featured women on a dating show vying for the favor of a man. Preferably, the woman does not want to be there originally and then falls in love. I have read first date, love em and leave em and falling for you. I would also be looking for books similar to the DATING aspect of the selection not necessarily the dystopian aspect. Thanks guys!

The only dating show I know is "The Bachelor or Bachelorette"

Not dating show but books with dating shows in them

The only thing I can think of is Princess Academy by Shannon Hale. It was a competition to see who the prince chooses, but I don't think the girl ends up with him. And the setting is old-fashioned, fantasy type...idk if you'd like it.

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