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Rosie jumped off and stretched her arms along with her legs. She was excited to battle especially without her brother. She loves to battle and today was going to be great, "I am so excited"

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Rosie turned towards him with an eyebrow raised. She went up to him with sickly sweet smile, "What were you about to say,Blue?"

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She pulled away with a straight face, "Are you sure you said that,Blue?"

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She kissed back putting her arms around his neck. She went through his hair softly before she pulled away for air. She before getting down and let out Hika, "You will get some more after I win" She started to head towards the gym with a smile on her face.

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Rosie went inside and got set up for her battle. She chose her favorite pokemon to go against the leader. She luckily used her tactics that her brother taught her and was able to win against the gym leader. She won her the first badge in Kanto. She couldn't have been more happy. Rosie exited the gym with her head held high and a wide smile.

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"Of course I did but I thank you a lot" She said with a smile, "If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have my badge"

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She felt her cheeks heat up, "I did? I don't remember that at all." She said with this with fake confusion looking at him with a smile.

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Rosie kissed him back lightly putting her hands on his chest. Hika watched this from afar and gagged lightly before going up a tree. She pulled away before she went through his hair while looking into eyes.

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"I guess that sounds good" She said with a smile before getting down again, "Lead the way,Blue"

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"Again with the dragging" She said with sarcasm finally able to catch up with him.

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"I really don't know if I like to be carried or drag but either way both are embarrassing" She mumbled against his chest.

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"I wouldn't say that,Blue" She said looking at him with a genuine smile, "Thank You I really mean it"

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Rosie put her hand on her chin thinking, "I don't know its up to you I am new to Kanto remember. Are there any good places to go?"

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She shook her head she started laughing, "I think the first one sounded good to me"

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She really like Blue but somehow she was going to have to tell her brother. She was really going to get in trouble, "What are we going to do tomorrow,Blue?"

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"B-Blue" She said putting her hands on chest then pulled away completely, "I would love to go on a picnic with you"

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She started smile even wider while wrapping her arms around, "I cant wait for it"

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Rosie slowly wrapped her arms around his neck bringing them closer while slowly kissing back. She felt her hair bow come off but she didn't bother to move it. She was enjoying this moment and wanted it to last longer.

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Rosie started blush furiously when she felt tongue playing her but she got closer to him.

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She broke away from the kiss when it got heated, "B-Blue I think we should slow down abit"

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"I am sorry it was just getting heated and I didn't want to get too lost in the moment" She said ashamed getting of the bed looking at her feet as she looked in the mirror.

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She then though about something and turned around, "Why are we together? Are you a player or something because if you are I am going to be beyond pissed. My brother warned me many times about guys like you. You just want me for one thing don't ya?" She crossed her arms over chest before she let out Hika.

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Rosie looked down at her hands with her tears slowly falling on the floor. She didn't want to look him in the eyes because she knew he was hurt, "I am sorry,Blue. I honestly just don't want to get hurt okay. I just really cant get hurt not again I apologize for saying those things"

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She gave him a small nod wiping her tears, "I am really sorry about that,Blue. I trust you Blue and I really am sorry"

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Rosie embraced the hug feeling the same butterflies as always, "Thank You,Blue"

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She turned towards the view seeing the sun in the sky but it looked beautiful, "That looks so perfect and very beautiful"

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"Trust me,Blue.....I wouldnt say beautiful" She said with shrug trying to fix her bow that fell out.

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"I haven't even brushed my teeth" She said covering her mouth, "How can you kiss me if I haven't brushed my teeth?"

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"I don't owe you anything" She said with a cheeky smile going in the bathroom. She freshened up a bit and went into her bag trying to find her toothbrush. She brushed her teeth before she finished getting dressed, "Well ofcourse I am worried about plus I didn't even notice the sun came up for your information"

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"He is an idiot" She said giving Hika a little snack before they left. She opened the balcony door and walked out to see everything, "This is definitely awesome"

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She jumped up but relaxed, "I am ready for out date today and I cant to have fun"

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"B-Blue are date remember?" She said feeling his lips on her neck, "You are getting distracted"

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"What is on the menu for this fine picnic,Blue?" She turned around to look at him with a big smile, "I would love to know"

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"I can everything besides peanut butter" She said with a grin, "It make me swell up and plus it taste nasty"

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She hugged him back but had a playful pout on her face, "How are you so tall?"

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She smiled at him, "Where did your smile go?" She looked around with a smile, "I am like 5'1 that is a huge difference"

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"Blue I know something is wrong you can tell me" She said grabbing his hand, "Please"

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She sat down next to him putting her head on his shoulder, "I am sorry,Blue. My parents kicked me and my brother out when I was 13 and he was 17. I have never really trust them from the beginning"

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"I am very happy I met you,Blue" She said giving him a kiss, "I hang around my brother way too often"

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"Mutual Feelings" She thought before leaning in and giving him a small kiss, "I really like Blue and I hope this will last"

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"That sounds perfect" She said getting off the bed fixing her skirt, "I am very hard to impress,Blue. I hope you have a trick up your sleeve"

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"What is with you picking me up?" She said with laugh, "I have legs"

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She blushed at his analogy but shook it off quickly, "That isn't the point,Blue!"

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"This is embarrassing" She said when she pulled away trying to fix her shirt, "Blue.....people will stare please put me down"

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"Thank You" She said waiting for him to lead the way to the spot of their date, "How far is it away from here?"

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She sighed knowing he wouldn't give up and went on his back, "Thanks,Blue"

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"This is so pretty" She said looking over his shoulder, "This is for us?"

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"Hey I don't need you sass alright" She said playfully before jumping off of his back.

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"Yes I like it,Blue." She said with a smile looking at the roses, "Those are beautiful"

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