UHS Honors English 9 P2 2017 discussion

“Blink” Reviewed

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message 1: by Bryn (new)

Bryn Baker | 8 comments The book “Blink” is yet another novel I’ll be putting down in the books by Malcolm Gladwell for this year’s education. The book is an ode to thought touching in the concepts of what we, as humans, think and why we think it. People seem to make choices in the blink of an eye maybe like how I chose to read this book, what you chose to wear today, what everyone chooses to say, or maybe even something someone chooses to impulsively buy (don’t tell my mother this), had a lot more than that blink. Maybe it had Careful consideration of the subconscious and a bit of background to our psyches. Snap decisions come down to so much more according to Malcolm Gladwell.

The book touches on what makes people do what they do, and it demonstrates it beautifully. “Blink” is a simple masterpiece. The concepts are boiled down to where anyone could understand, and yet I still found myself thinking on and on about it. Gladwell discusses from sexism to statues, and everything in between. The book delves into concepts of snap decisions, bother good and bad, and how intuition and instinct can play into certain snap decisions we make. These decisions come in many different forms, whether it’s on the spot or down-to-the-wire. The book covers it all and that’s for sure. Everyone can find something in this book, and for my case, I think it found me.

I had been recommended this book by my father, an avid fan of Gladwell, and I never thought I would enjoy it so. Once the book appeared on the list, and after enjoying the also recommended to me by daddy dearest, “The Tipping Point” I knew it was time to give it up and give the book a read. Reluctantly, I’ve come to the conclusion that the book is fantastic and I would personally recommend it to anyone who would want to take a deeper look into consciousness.

message 2: by Olivia (new)

Olivia Garcia | 9 comments This book really is as amazing as you say it is, this is the book that I had read for this project as well, and I'm glad i got to see what someone else thought as well. It's mesmerizing hearing how you connect this to what we did this morning, because it encouraged me to not focus on the book and what the people in the book chose, but what I chose this morning to eat or drink. This book was also amazing, as you mentioned this in your review, because of how many different aspects Gladwell visited. Topics that ranged from sexism and racism to the simplistic aspect of statues. I loved reading your point of view for this book, you opened my mind further of what this book was really trying to portray.

message 3: by Emily (new)

Emily Masursky | 8 comments This book sounds very intriguing. i like the sort of casual and conversational style you wrote your review in, it added to the nature of the book in a way. The way you connect our seemingly simple life choices to the choices that seem much more drastic you say Gladwell talks about is interesting and a cool perspective. i like how you also talk about your reluctance to read it. to often are book reviews basic in stating the book was great i loved it but bringing up challenges that came with it made it more real and relateable.

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