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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Hiya!

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Here's the plot idea.

Hearing You For The First Time
Muse A was born deaf, except for music. The one thing Muse A could hear was music, Muse A could not hear the singing, only instrumental music. One day Muse A is in a coffee shop or whatever and Muse B walks in. To Muse A's complete shock they are able to Muse B talking.

Shall we begin to make our characters? I will plan on making mine sometime tomorrow. I'm heading off to bed.

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments {Name}: Jaxson JR. Zane Baako
{Nickname}: Jax| Junior| Z
{Age}: 26
{Gender}: Male
{Nationality}: Half-African American and Half-French
{Sexuality}: Homosexual
{Relationship status}: Single
description description
{Hair} Black and shaved
{Eyes} Dark brown
{Height} 6'6
{Weight} 171 lbs
{Body Type} Athletic
{Markings} Tattoo on his right arm (view spoiler)
{Personality}: Jaxson is a very loyal person. He loves his family and his friends and will do most anything to protect them. He is also a big fan of music. He writes a some songs when he is inspired and he can sing very well, not that many people know that.
{Likes}: Animals, his family, sign language, music, singing, books, drawing
{Dislikes}: Assholes, bullying, chocolate,
{History}: Jaxson was born to a Warlock and a female Werewolf who later had two other kids, twins, a girl and a boy. Jaxson's sister was born deaf and when he found this out he decided to learn sign language to communicate with her. He later had learnt a spell that enabled him to speak to her and for her to understand him. He had no idea that the spell had done something else as well.
Father: Jaxson Baako (view spoiler)
Mother: Emily Vincent-Baako (view spoiler)
Brother: Samm Baako (view spoiler)
Sister: Xanya Baako (view spoiler)
{Pet(s)}: Têtu (view spoiler)

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Done

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments No problem.

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments He's awesome!

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Thanks! So shall we begin?

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Can you? I feel like your character should already be in the coffee shop before mine.

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Jaxson groans into his phone. "Mom honestly, I'm fine. I just went for a little bit of a run this morning... Yes. But I was careful. No one saw me in that form." He told her. He sighed. He woke up this morning with a need to run. His Wolf was pushing to be free and Jaxson couldn't keep him in any longer. He needed to run to his hearts content.

Little unknown fact about Werewolves. Every Werewolf has two personas, the person and the wolf. However, Jaxson has three since he is not only a Werewolf, he is also a Warlock. Now, Jaxson rarely ever lets his Warlock persona out because of the destruction and shit he can cause. Jaxson's Warlock has taken on the name Z and over all not the pleasant of people. However, he is needed at times. Z can take over the body when Jaxson is weak or when the situation calls for a badass, motherfucker, who doesn't care who he kills. The reason Jaxson doesn't let Z out is because he is not one to be calm and reasoned with and that is dangerous.

Jaxson sighed as he listened to his mother on the phone. "Mom, I'm fine. I have a very strong will and you know it. I just went into the city for a short while. It's not like I'm gonna be gone forever and ever. I'll be back in about hour or so. I gotta get some food in me." He told her and looked at the coffee shop he had stopped in front of. He walked inside. "I love you, too. See you soon." He said as he hung up and walked up to the register. "Hi, can I get one pesto sandwich and a Italian sandwich, along with a two of those sodas in there." He said and pulled out his card to pay.

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Jaxson takes his card back and puts it back in his wallet. He feels a hand on his shoulder and automatically tenses up when he turns around. He expects it to be another Werewolf who perhaps has some sort of claim on this territory, but he didn't smell another Werewolf in this joint. However, he takes in this man, a tall, somewhat pale, handsome man who looks to be in shock over something. He looks the man up and down with a frown. He feels a pull towards this man for some reason that he can't explain. He sees the man sign and is taken back. "You're deaf?" he asked him both with his voice and in sign language. But the man said he could hear me, so he can't be deaf. Right? Sure, my sister can hear me but only because of the spell I placed on myself. He glances over at the man behind the counter but it seems that every worker is staring at them. Great. What the hell did I just walk into? He cleared his throat. "Is this man actually deaf? Does he come here often for you to know that?" he asked the workers who all nodded at him and his frown deepened. "How can you hear me?" he asked himself. He bit his lip and ran a hand over the back of his neck. "Can we sit and talk for a little bit about this?" he asked the man. He held out his hand. "My name is Jaxson." He then gave him his sign name which was J-wolf. His sister had given him his sign name, and he had thought to change it since he really wasn't sure how to explain to someone who wasn't a Werewolf themselves why his sign name was J-wolf.

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Jaxson chuckled and nodded when he heard the man's snort at his sign name. He shrugged. "That would probably be better. I've been meaning to get my sister to change my sign name but.." he shrugged again. "She likes J-wolf." He said both in sign and out loud. He frowned as he heard or saw what this guys condition was. This man was deaf to voices basically. He could hear music and animals but not voices? Hmm... "Nice to meet you Matt." He said with a smile and followed him to the seats. He bit his lip. He shouldn't tell Matt anything. It was forbidden to tell any human what he was. All it would do was incite panic into the people. He shrugged and shook his head slowly. "I'm not sure." He said, even though that was a lie. He needed to look back on that spell he had placed on himself. This didn't make sense. He inhaled deeply and as he did that he got a whiff of Matt. He smelled delicious. His eyes changed colors, from his normal dark brown to a bright yellow/orange. He had this sudden urge to bite Matt, but biting a human was forbidden as well since that would turn them into a Werewolf. He had to look away quickly so that Matt didn't see his eyes. Why the heck did he do that? He was always in control.

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Jaxson felt Matt's hand on his arm and he tensed up. Not because he didn't want Matt to touch him but rather, he was worried that he might pull Matt to him and bite him right there and then. He could feel his wolf canines dropping down ready for a bite of Matt. He kept his mouth shut tightly but let out a slight growl. He stood up abruptly and quickly left the building. Once outside, he finally began to calm down. "Shit." He knew what this was now. The only reason a wolf would act this way was because he had found his mate. His mate was a guy. Granted, Jaxson was gay himself, however, he had always thought that his mate would be a female. Someone who would give him heirs. But his mate a guy! A human guy! A deaf, human guy! "Holy shit." He muttered. His eyes and canines had gone away and he glanced back in the shop. He sighed. He had to go back in there.

Jaxson walked back in after he took a long, deep breath. "Matt.... I'm sorry about that. Uh... listen I have to get going, but I want to see you again and talk more with you. Do you have a phone number I can reach you at?" he asked as he pulled out his phone and handed it over to him.

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Jaxson had noticed that Matt seemed to be leaving and he had the distinct feeling that it was because of the way he had acted. Shit. He thought to himself and then he knew for a fact it was about that since Matt told him so. He took back his phone and had to hold back a groan. "Fuck." He muttered as he watched Matt leave. He knew he couldn't let Matt go. Not like that. He ran out of the coffee shop and in front of Matt. "Stop, please. You don't make me feel uncomfortable. I just was getting a bit emotional is all. You see, my sister is deaf and I wish it was that way for her as well. I really do want to talk some more. But I do have to go as well. I'm meeting my family soon. So, please, can I have your number? He asked both in sign and out loud. He pulled out his phone again and handed it to Matt once more. He was pleading with him now.

He couldn't lose his mate, not now, not when he just found him. He knew that even if Matt left today they would eventually find each other again, or at least Jaxson would find him. A wolf only had one mate, or at least a Werewolf does.

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Jaxson saw the guilt on Matt's face and he knew that it was only a lie. He couldn't exactly tell Matt what had happened right then. Could you imagine that going down? Yeah, hey, Matt. It wasn't that you made me uncomfortable rather you made my wolf go haywire with lust and I had the strong urge to bite and change you. Yeah, that would go over well. He wanted to laugh at that outrageous thought. The lie was better. Besides, technically it wasn't untrue. Well, yes it was. Jax could already talk to his sister and she understood him and all their family, but he wasn't lying when he said his sister was deaf.

He bit his lip and gave Matt his best puppy dog eyes, which he could do really well. He had mastered the puppy dog eyes since he was child. He chuckled and shook his head. "I didn't realize I was yelling. Sorry. He said in a quieter tone of voice. He grinned as Matt entered his phone number. He took his phone back and nodded. "True. I'll text you later." He said honestly and winked at Matt before heading back to the coffee shop. He forgot his food and drink there.

Jaxson walked back to the manor he lived in with his parents and siblings. His family was the head of the Vincent Clan. His mother is the Alpha of the clan and one day Jaxson will be the Alpha. She has been training him since he was a young pup. He walked inside and heard his siblings messing around. He could tell that they were in their wolf forms and immediately he shifted into his wolf form. He gave a short bark and heard his young, twin siblings come running to him. They jumped on top of him and to help them get their confidence he toppled down onto his side with a grin. He rolled over and played with the pups before he smelled his mother coming down the stairs. "Alright, enough. Off of your brother." She said and the twins obeyed and ran away still playing with one another. Jax stood up and shifted into his human form. He stood there in front of his mother naked. Werewolves didn't pay any mind to nakedness since most of their time was spent in wolf form. It was just their nature. "Come, you father wishes to speak to you. Better put on some clothes though." His father was a Warlock first and later became a wolf since his wife was a Werewolf. "Mom, I need to ask some things from both you and father. I... I found my mate."

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Jaxson had talked with his mother and his father about his mate. He had informed them of the gender and the disability his mate had. "Yes, my mate is a man and he's deaf. But here's the interesting thing. He is able to hear music, animals, and... and my voice. But only MY voice." He explained. Jaxson waved his hand and his spell book appeared in front of him. He flipped to the page that held the spell that he had placed on himself and his family for Xanya and read it over again. He frowned slightly.

Permettre à quelqu'un d'avoir la capacité de parler à ceux qui ont leur amour et leur dévotion complète. Pour ce sort, vous aurez besoin d'un champignon de trompette noire, d'une fleur callistemon, d'une goutte de sang de démoniste et du sérum de gergaouls.

"This spell says that this allows the ability of speech to my love and complete devotion. But, Xanya is not able to speak, she is able to hear our voices much like my mate was able to but this spell says the ability of speech, nothing about hearing. Why would it change? I followed the spell exactly as it directed." He handed his spell book over to his father, Jaxson Sr, who looked over the spell. "Whose blood did you use, Jax? Yours?" he asked and Jax nodded. His father nodded. "Perhaps that is the reason why then. Your blood is not full Warlock, you are a mix breed between a Warlock and a Werewolf. Perhaps this is why the spell changed marginally, but I can't be sure." He sighed and handed the book back to his son. "It wouldn't be a bad idea to go and research some more on this. As for your new found mate. I am happy you found him, however, he is human. He has no idea that our kind exists and for now you cannot tell him or change him." Emily set a hand on her husbands shoulder. "We are not forbidding you to see your mate, only urging you to be cautious. Ease him into our lifestyle. Don't push him into this. It has been a long while since one of our own has been mated with a human." Jax nodded and stood up. "I will be careful."

Jax walked into his room and saw Têtu his pet dragon on top of his bed. He grinned and patted her head. "Bonne après-midi, Têtu." He said in French and went over to where he kept her food. He opened his cabinet and pulled out a heart of another animal and threw it to her. She caught it and began to eat. "Good girl." He said. He normally spoke English to her but she knew French as well so he spoke that to her at times. He pulled out his phone and looked at Matt's contact information. He tapped on the message icon and began to write up a text. Hi Matt... He shook his head. "Hi Matt? Seriously? Unoriginal, Jax." He sighed and deleted that message and started afresh. Matt, this is Jaxson the man you met at the bar this morning. I was hoping that you would be willing to meet up with me to chat a little bit more sometime later on. Would tonight work? Before he lost his nerve he sent the text. He fell backwards onto his bed. "Holy shit."

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments ((I love that idea! Yeah.))

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Jaxson had sat up and began to pet Têtu's head once she came over to him. He waved his hand and his spell book appeared once again in front of him. He looked over his spells as he waited for a reply from Matt. Once his phone buzzed he quickly reached for it. He read what Matt had replied and sighed. He looked to Têtu. "Should I? I mean his place? Where I'm going to be surrounded by his scent and want to bite him?" He noticed that Têtu seemed to grin at him and seemed to be encouraging him to go. He laughed. "I swear, I wish I could talk with you. You probably have the most darkest, funniest humor ever." He said rubbing her head and then responding back to Matt. Okay. I'll come to your place then. Can you send me the address please. I'll be there in about 10-15 minutes. He sent it. Honestly, he could be there in less than what he said since he had super speed but he didn't want to appear over eager, cause that might just scare him away or freak him out.

Once he got the address, Jaxson got up and got ready. He put on a button down shirt and his favorite pair of black skinny jeans and his converses. He then grabbed his things and put them in his pants before heading out. He decided he would just walk and not run at his full speed so he would get there a bit late. He was trying to be normal. Well, as normal as he could be anyways.

Jaxson looked up at the apartment building that was where Matt lived. He nodded. It was nice. Jaxson was used to living in a big manor with the rest of the pack coming and going from the place with clothes and without. But he had always imagined living in a single room apartment, well sort of. He wouldn't want to leave Têtu, and he couldn't exactly be living in an apartment building with a dragon, there would definitely be complaints and well, he'd be exposing the human beings to the real world they lived in. He walked up to the door and walked in. He walked up to Matt's door and knocked on it tentatively.

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Jaxson smiled at Matt once he had opened up the door. He stepped into the apartment and was immediately attacked by a crow. He felt the stupid bird peck at his face and even draw blood. He had to keep calm and keep his hands clenched by his sides to not kill the stupid thing. Though, he knew something right away. He narrowed his eyes at the crow. That was not just some ordinary, stupid bird. No, that was a shapeshifter. Jaxson could feel the angry rolling off of the man. He looked at Matt and nodded. "Sure, no problem." He said to Matthieu and then turned to look at the bird. He took one step towards her and then stopped when he heard Matthieu come back. He sat down so Matt could tend to his already healing cheek. He knew that it was pointless to tend to the scratch but he allowed Matt to take care of it. He winced slightly when the alcohol soaked cotton touched his cheek. He had never cleaned up a wound this small before and he was surprised to find that the alcohol stung.

Jaxson nodded. "Thanks." He said and then looked over to Lucien. "What's the birds issue?" he asked with narrowed eyes as he looked over to the bird. He needed to talk with this guy without Matt present. He had a feeling that Matt had no idea this bird of his was actually a shapeshifter. He cleared his throat and stealthily he waved his hand and made a message appear to the bird in the cage.

I know what you are, and I have a feeling that you know what I am since you attacked me. I believe we need to have a talk some time soon. Meet me tonight. You will find me.

Once he knew that Lucien had read the note he waved his hand once more and the note went up in a flame and was destroyed. He smiled at Matt. "So... I know I wanted to talk but now that I'm here I have no idea what to say." He told Matt. He knew why this miracle as Matt had put it had occurred. Because of the spell he had placed upon himself.

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Jaxson listened to what Matt was saying and frowned slightly. He looked back to Lucien and realized what he was. Nineteen years ago there was a big fight between his kind and shapeshifters that turned into giant crows. Jaxson, of course was only seven at the time, so he did not participate in the fight but he did hear stories about this fight from his parents. Apparently, his pack along with a few others and some of the warlocks such as his father had participated in this fight. The bird's were evil, and his kind needed to take them out to make sure that they were kept in control. So far, the other shapeshifters have been just fine. Of course the Werewolf packs have been keeping the shapeshifters in check and things have been good. This bird was one of those shapeshifters that been in that fight with his kind. Perhaps that was why he acted the way he did? He wasn't exactly sure.

Jaxson looked back to Matt and smiled. "Okay. Slow is good. And come on, I don't think anything is going to happen to you. I'm gonna be around as well, and you now have my number. Matthieu, I don't know.... okay, I'm just gonna come out with it. I want to let you know that I'm gay. And... I do like you. And I want to get to know you and perhaps even go on a date? I don't know if you are even gay or... bi or I don't know." He said as he bit his lip.

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Jaxson waited for Matt to reply and then saw the shapeshifter come over. He frowned slightly as he understood what he was saying. Jaxson knew Morse code and it wasn't difficult to understand what the bird was saying. He also understood Matt's clicks. He looked away and then turned back when he raised his hand. "That's great! Uhh... perhaps we can set up a day and a time for our date? Oh, and also, I'm not sure how you are about the money. But since I asked you out I would like to pay for this date." He said. Money was not an issue for his family. They lived in a estate manor for heaven's sake. Also, Jaxson worked for his money as well. He was helping his mother with business. His mothers family were all well known lawyers. Of course, his grandfather and had been teaching Jaxson everything he needed to know about becoming a lawyer. Jaxson learned from his Grandfather and his mother. He also interned at her office, so he had hands on experience. He knew that at one point or another that he would take over both the pack as Alpha and the business as CEO.

Jaxson glanced at the time. It was now late, and he had a few texts from his parents wondering where he was. He sighed. "I should get going. We'll make a plan for our date, right? He asked and then stood up. He smiled and walked over to the door. He gave a look to the shapeshifter and then smiled at Matt once more before leaving.

Jaxson stopped in the park and sat down on a bench as he waited for the shapeshifter to arrive.

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Jaxson stood up once the shapeshifter appeared in front of him. He looked at the man with raised eyebrows. "Your Matthieu?" he asked. He shook his head. "I did not show Matthieu any mask. What I showed him was real. And I do have a right to come close to him since he is my mate." He said with a smug grin. "I do find it to be interesting that you stuck with a human than with your clan after the battle went down." He said crossing his arms over his chest. He sat down on the bench once again. He wasn't worried about this man, there was nothing that he could do to harm him. He was the next Alpha and a powerful Warlock. "So, Lucien... what is your plan? I can feel the animosity just seeping off of you in waves towards me. And from what little you have said, you want me to keep away from Matthieu, which is something I do not plan on doing. He is my mate and I plan on staying beside him for, well, forever. So what was your plan?" he asked. He really didn't care and had no worries about what this guy would do. There was nothing he could do to harm him in anyway.

((Sorry it's short heading to bed.))

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments ((Will respond tomorrow at some point.))

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments ((Should we skip?))

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments ((Perhaps to their date?))

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments Jaxson looked at himself in the mirror. He had on his best jeans that had been designed solely for his body, and a dark blue button up shirt that he paired with his J cuff links. He then put on his Alexander McQueen Brown Zermatt Zip Boots. He put his wallet, keys, and phone in his pockets and left the house. He waved goodbye to his younger siblings. "Be good, you two." He told them and then proceeded to shut the door behind him. He got in his black muscle car and headed for Matt's apartment. He turned on some music as he drove. Jaxson was a big automobile fan. This car was his favorite to drive, but he also love driving his Megelli Sports motorcycle, he normally drove that when he wasn't just running.

Jaxson arrive at Matt's place and walked up. He knocked on the door and waited for Matt to come open the door. He wondered if that damn shape shifter, Lucien would try anything tonight. That damn bird made some big threats, and he was not looking forward to seeing anyone, much less Matthieu getting hurt.

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments ((Sorry I am gone from home will reply next week sometime...))

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Nina (lananina) | 173 comments ((Want to continue this with me?))

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