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"With hope at last, William Herondale"

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Claire So I saw this quote on pinterest and it was a picture of a line in one of the TMI books, I'm almost sure it's city of lost souls, but I'm not sure of Clary and Jace looking over the copy of "Tale of two cities" that Will gave Tessa in TID and I really want to find every mention of will in TMi because Will is amazing. So yeah if you could tell me the page number of the book and which book it is so I can fangirl in my room when the door is CLosed, so yeah thx for looking Here is the exact quote.

"With hope at last, William Herondale.
'Some ancestor of yours,' Clary said brushing her finger against the page."

Melissa This definately is familiar to me but I cannot remember where. It is going to bug me all day until I find out! haha

Stephanie Yeah, that's the book. It would have been when Clary was in his room with him. She asked him to read to her. It may have been when they were in Italy. I can't give you a page number.

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Lev Yep thats from City of Lost souls when Clary and Jace are exploring Sebastians room I think..


anyways, it's in Chappie 16, entitled 'Brothers and Sisters.' It's in CoLS tho i can't give you the page number because i only have my ebooks with me (sorry!) so...

(here's a pic to compensate. hehehe)

AbigailDenyse01 I balled my eyes out at that part. I just couldn't keep it in... but that thing that carmala posted made me laugh but it still brought so many emotions and I wanted to crawl in a hole and die.

Meida Morgenstern Lantsova OMG That part.... oh Will!!! that's right that tiny part from Will brought so many feels and emotions to me and I just can't... haha yeah that meme is kinda funny though.

Flossie will-by the angel!!!!

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Hazel lovelace I have been buried under all the Feels...ever since I finished the torturous trilogy..anyways...while I had been busy fangirling over 6 words...a question arises...didn't he write " with hope at last, WILL herondale"??????? Why does it say William here...and most importantly HOW DARE TESSA LEAVE THE BOOK WITH HER CHILDREN? Btw its City of lost souls....chapter 16 Brothers and Sisters...

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Edacheeky It's page 392 guys.
ugh, all the feels. <3

Triscia C.G. i totally forgot this thread exists until it popped up on my notifs

why :) must :) Cassie :) hurt :) us :)

Jessica Williamson Consider the fact that the book is now locked inside that weirdo house of Valentine's forever. No way in, no way out.

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