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message 1: by Dasho (new)

Dasho | 2 comments I'm looking for a particular paperback book that I once took out of my local library. They've recently overhauled their system, which sadly included getting rid of nearly all of their paperbacks, and I can't seem to find what I'm looking for anywhere.

It's an older fantasy detective novel, not part of the new upsurge that particular genre has seen, and it is possibly a Dungeons & Dragons novel, though I can't be certain.

The story centered around a man who lives in a fictional fantasy city. He was technically a mercenary bodyguard, but that was only because, being a hard fantasy setting, they don't really have the word 'private investigator' to define him.

He made his living working for the local officials to deal with the seedier side of the metropolis, and selling his talents to locals in need of assistance.

The actual plot of the book itself dealt with the fact that the leader of the continent's magical organization of wizards died under mysterious circumstances, and a replacement needed to be elected. The wizards were going to hold their electoral process in the city this particular person lived in, and the city officials approached him because they suspected foul play, and didn't want the city to run afoul of the various schemes that other city-states and the wizards were all going to be running against each other. The last thing they needed was accidentially starting a war or the wizards getting into a fight in the middle of the city.

The main character was himself a wizard, though he was not a particularly skilled one. His magic was weak and quite limited, but he had a number of connections and personal aquaintences in the wizard organization, including some old friends of his, who asked him to serve as a bodyguard to some of the people who were going to be up for the trials to see who would be elected as the new head wizard. These friends of his were almost certain foul play was involved with the previous head wizard, and were convinced that the entire process was being planned and rigged from the outset. They wanted him to get to the bottom of it and find out what was going on, and the city officials wanted him to help keep the peace and prevent a massive diplomatic incident.

Naturally, there was a conspiracy, and the head examiner for the trials was ultimately revealed to be the primary conspirator behind both the death of the original head wizard and the rigging of the trials for the next one, as he held personal objections to many of the people in positions of power in the wizarding organization, and wanted to ensure someone 'decent' got the job, working on the theory that the other wizards didn't know what was best for them. However, there was no actual proof of his crimes, nor did he ever actually confess to doing anything untoward, so ultimately he walked away scott free and with his own power and reputation intact. However, the election went off the way it should have and the city was safe, so the main character considered it a victory.

The story as a whole worked with the ideas of how a large city and the associated infrastructure would work in a 'traditional' fantasy world, and focused on the darker aspects of such a setting, with dirty politics, rampant crime, violence, and substance abuse. Express mention was made that more than a few of the city officials broke their own laws frequently and unapologetically for their own personal gain, and one of the primary reasons the head examiner objected to allowing the frontrunning candidate for the next head wizard to win was because she was, although a highly competent wizard, severely addicted to a fantasy drug that seemed to be something of a cross between opium and tobacco.

The actual book was apparently part of a series, and it was not the first book in the set. It was perhaps the second or third? I've looked everywhere, and I can't seem to find any reference to it. I don't know for certain if it was a Dungeons & Dragons novel, as there was nothing recognizable about any of the D&D primary settings in the book, but it was definately written to the tone of existing in a very similar world.

Does this ring any bells for any of you?

message 2: by Aerulan (new)

Aerulan | 1180 comments How long ago did you read this, and do you have any sense of when the book might have been published? That info can make a huge difference when it comes to finding your book, knowing you read it X years ago rules out anything newer and that makes it a lot easier to find the right book.

message 3: by Dasho (new)

Dasho | 2 comments Aerulan wrote: "How long ago did you read this, and do you have any sense of when the book might have been published? That info can make a huge difference when it comes to finding your book, knowing you read it X ..."

I read the book about two years ago, but the book itself was moderately old. Considering the fact that paperbacks tend to suffer more general wear and tear than hardbacks, I'd place it somewhere around the 2000's, or thereabouts.

message 4: by stormhawk (new)

stormhawk | 184 comments Sounds like one of the Harry Dresden novels. I'm not familiar enough with the series to give you a title but that should narrow it down a bit

message 5: by Michele (new)

Michele | 280 comments Not a Dresden book, his are modern day Chicago.

This sounds good though, I hope it is found so I can read it.

message 6: by Pogue (new)

Pogue (nulaanne) | 113 comments I hope that this one is found too. I would love to read it.

message 7: by D.M. (new)

D.M. Dutcher  | 340 comments Not sure at all, but glen cook's Garret P.I. Series came to mind reading this post.

message 8: by Ann aka Iftcan (new)

Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6981 comments Mod
Sweet Silver Blues for the first book in the Garret series. And that was what I thought of too D.M.

message 9: by Patnel (new)

Patnel | 135 comments It's not any of the Garrett files. I've read them all, and there's nothing even close to this plot.

message 10: by Tab (last edited Aug 09, 2014 02:56PM) (new)

Tab (tabbrown) | 4839 comments These are stretches, but they do mention bodyguards and/or political councils

The Spirit War
Temple Hill from the Forgotten Realms series. It's tied to Dungeons and Dragons

Do you remember anything about the cover to your book?

message 11: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 37536 comments Mod
Dasho, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

message 12: by Aerulan (new)

Aerulan | 1180 comments If OP comes back, and is still looking, maybe take a look at Fanuilh and Ghosts in the Snow
They're both beginnings of series with magical investigators in fantasy worlds.

message 13: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 37536 comments Mod
Lobstergirl wrote: "Dasho, are you still looking for this or did you find it?"

No response in 2+ years. Moving to Abandoned.

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