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message 1: by Sam (new)

Sam Burns | 5 comments Hey, I keep trying to get to my books before they get automatically assigned to the wrong author, but can't seem to do it, and all my books get initially assigned to a playwright. (I know why, the extra space in my name vs hers, but there doesn't seem to be a lot I can do about it; Amazon autopopulates my books to her page before I even know they're available. If there's a good way to fix it, I'd love to save everyone the time!)

The ASIN of the latest book: B07CQ8M5H1

The link to the book under my author account:

The link to the book assigned to the incorrect author:

message 2: by Renske (new)

Renske | 11545 comments I moved your book to your profile and merged the duplicate edition.

To prevent the import the ASIN or ISBN needs to be added. The other thing that could be done is that you ask the staff to make your profile the first profile and the other the second profile. But that means any new imports for the other author go to your profile and need to be moved.

Moving a book to a different profile is not difficult for the librarians, so that is not the main issue.

message 3: by Sam (new)

Sam Burns | 5 comments Thank you!

I never seem to be able to add the ASIN before it autopopulates from Amazon into her profile. I may contact the staff about that, since she doesn't seem to be publishing much.

I appreciate the fix and the advice!

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