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Irresistible (Buchanans #2)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Fiction romance/ heroine's car needs new tires, she’s a single mother, her neighbor is just out of military. He helps her buying new tires. Aspiring jewelry designer. [s]

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Hello, I’m looking for a book I read years agor probably between 2008-2012. I got it from eharlequin.com and I remember it being about the hero just being back from the military and helping a single mom to a daughter with her car that broke down. He bought her new tires. The heroin made jewelry that she was selling at a crafts fair. I’m pretty sure this book was in a series that included the hero’s brothers having books as well. If anyone could help me find this book it would be much appreciated.

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Heather, as you saw in the popup box when you posted your comment, please put some plot details in your header. This makes your query a lot easier to solve.

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Irresistible by Susan Mallery seems to match your description.

Description: "When ex-marine Walker Buchanan stops to help Elissa Towers change a tire... Both of them have sworn off dating -- Elissa's determined to protect her little girl..."

From the book: "Her finished jewelry was in boxes on an upper shelf. She would need several hundred pieces for that show - which meant hours and hours of work and using her emergency credit card to buy supplies..."

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That is it!! Thank you!!

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Great! Glad we could help.

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