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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

My name is Brigitta and I am the moderator for the group. I enjoy reading and writing novels. The writing of novels or novellas crept out of boredom with cable reruns. It was a new means of entertaining myself late at night. I don't sleep too much at night because I spent a couple decades working the night shift. Yes, I am a night person, so emails and communication may show up at late at night. In my other life I am a nurse and mother. I am hoping the day comes when I can say I am a well known self published author.

message 2: by Ramona (new)

Ramona Matta | 8 comments Nice to meet Brigitta. My name is Ramona. I am a full time mother, beauty consultant and a self-published author of 2 books. My newest classic fiction "Between The Lines Of Tango" was just released. I am happy to join your group and get to know new readers and authors.

message 3: by Jayelle (last edited Jul 28, 2014 11:25AM) (new)

Jayelle Cochran (jayelle_cochran) | 3 comments Hi guys. My name is Jessica, but I generally go by 'Jayelle'. I'm a stay at home mom with 2 autistic children. They're the reason why I can't have a regular 9-5 job (I get called up to their schools at least 3 times a week).

I'm hoping that eventually writing can be a source of income. I had done a bunch of research on publishing when I was writing my first novel, Sadie's War : A Supernatural Uprising Novel. After some careful decision making, I decided that self-publishing was probably better than searching for an agent and publisher.

The reality of the situation is that I probably won't be out of the red until after I've published my tenth book. You know what? I'm OK with that.

As self-published authors have a lot going against us. People assume that we're not professionals. And while that's true for a lot of self-published authors, I feel as though it's an unfair stereotype.

A professional cover and professional editing has helped my book a lot. Many people are surprised to learn that it's self-published. I think that's important. If we're going to be in competition with the big name publishers, then we need to produce books with similar qualities. A start is to hire professionals for the cover and the editing. Really, there's a huge difference. You can tell who had their mom or their aunt or their cousin or their friend 'edit' their novels. You can also tell when someone just slapped a photo and some words onto a cover. To be professional you have to be professional. lol (sorry, that sentence made me laugh. It's true though)

Anyway, I should warn you guys that I rarely leave short posts. I'm sorry I'm so long winded. :)

*hugs and many blessings,
Jayelle Cochran

PS I love the idea behind this group. It'll be a great group over time. Self-published/Independent authors need to stick together and learn from one another.

message 4: by Norman (new)

Norman Crane (normancrane) | 8 comments Hello, everyone.

I'm Norman. I enjoy writing and I'm learning to enjoy self-publishing, from having final say over what punctuation to use to being able to make my own book covers. As for writing itself: it's enthralling. I descend into worlds I create with my words. It feels a lot like playing Minecraft. Anything is possible. Speaking of which, writing has always struck me as the football (soccer) of the arts. It's cheap to start and everyone starts from the same spot. You don't need expensive brushes or instruments to create an amazing piece of writing. And now with self-publishing, it's becoming a lot easier to publish that amazing piece without the need for a middleman...

message 5: by Ramona (new)

Ramona Matta | 8 comments Amen to that Jayelle :) Although it is a lot easier to become a published author these days thanks to self-publishing, I find a part of the experience somewhat overwhelming. As the authors, it is our responsibility to promote our books and follow up with marketing strategies and book sinning events, press release, and the unlimited social media resources, ect, which takes away from us the pleasure of doing what we do best, and that is to write! As a full time mother with a part time job, it is time consuming to have to worry about promoting my work when I should focus my full attention on writing. Unfortunately that’s the only way to do it, and with a small percentage of royalty coming back in, there isn’t a lot of money to invest in marketing services which are often expensive. Therefore, developing a solid writer’s platform is important to have, prior to publishing.

Being a writer has been an amazing journey for me, yet I still have a long way to go, but regardless of the long list of to dos, I find it inspiring to write what’s coming from the heart in hopes of becoming a bestseller author one day.

message 6: by Ramona (new)

Ramona Matta | 8 comments Agreed Norman. A well written piece of art cannot be judged by the quality of pen or paper that were used to create it, but by the creative mind that put it all together, not that we should be judging each other's work either. We all have a different style and a unique voice as we target different readers with diverse preferences.
As far as the final production goes, I very much enjoy choosing the book cover and artistic details of the font and style, creating it to be the same way I visualize it in my own world.

message 7: by Piper (new)

Piper Templeton (pipertempleton) Hi Everyone,

I was happy to learn about this group, and I look forward to future discussions. I've always loved to write fiction. I finally decided to bite the bullet and self-publish my novel told in short stories. I find getting my book "out there" gives me more direction and purpose. I have started another novel -- actually, I continued one I had set aside but never forgot about. Like you all have said, promoting my current book and navigating my way through the marketing takes a lot of time that could be spent writing... This is an interesting journey.


message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm happy to meet everyone. The stories are inspiring. I particularly noted the book cover comments. I have to admit I wanted a professional cover for my books but couldn't afford it. My friend had her children's book professionally edited and the cover professionally done. She even had her pictures in the book done professionally. It was a gorgeous book. The cost was over $1000. I took inspiration from Alfred Hitchcock; you know how he is glimpsed somewhere in a scene in each of his movies. I decided to add myself to the covers of two books. Oh how I wish that was a picture of me on book one. :) Feel free to leave comments about the covers.

message 9: by Caroline (new)

Caroline Greyling | 2 comments Five: A Maor Novel
Nice to meet you all. I'm a young adult author from South Africa and my book Five has recently been published on Amazon. I'm a full time accountant and write because I'm passionate about reading, writing and language. I'm having an absolute ball writing my second novel and navigating the world of book marketing for my first. It's tough but oh, so exciting and I'm meeting some amazing people along the way!

message 10: by Odessa (new)

Odessa Rose (odessarose) | 2 comments Hello Everyone!
I love the dialogue we are having about being self-published authors. It lets me know that I am not alone in this journey. I have been traditionally published twice and what I've discovered is that all the work that I am doing as a self-published author I was doing as a traditionally published author. And the stories that I am hearing from my friends who are published by big publishing houses things aren't getting any better. Big publishers expect authors to have an audience in place and have an online presence. When my first novel was published, I bought Dan Poynter's book on self-publishing to get ideas on how to promote because my publisher incorporated my self-promotion as part of his marketing plan. So I had to learn what to do. This was not a bad thing because I know what to do now that I've decided to self-publish. I guess what I'm trying to say in a round about way is that we can do this. All we have to do is believe our work is not inferior. And just think, any day we can decide to publish works by other writers and we'll be hailed as great. But to believe in our work enough to publish it ourselves means that we are not as great. Something's wrong with that picture. So publish on, Everybody.

message 11: by C.E. (new)

C.E. (purplemountainhighway) | 9 comments Hello everyone. I've been writing for many years. It is my love and what I hope to do full time at some point. I completed an MA in Creative Writing in London a few years ago. I have an agent but she did not feel she could sell this novel and encouraged me to write a series. Having written the first book of the series, I went back and had a look at 'Magic America' and decided that while I deal with the industry in one corner, I would publish my first novel myself. I loved it too much to let it languish. The state of the industry is such that quality is not the issue so much as whether your book fits an easily marketable niche. We got great feedback on this book, but it sat between genres and so was considered a difficult sell. The book is a magical realism coming of age story. I'm getting great feedback but am also finding this such an incredible learning experience. I look forward to getting to know this group.

message 12: by Nick (new)

Nick Reichert | 3 comments Hi, I'm Nick. I recently self-published my first book on investing and financial planning, Building a Financial Fortress and I'm working on a follow-on book about real estate investing. Becoming a self-published author has been one of my greatest accomplishments and is something I'm very proud of. I am very interested in personal financial planning, investing and other business subjects and have been doing a blog and Twitter/Facebook/Google+ posting about finance topics for the last several years. I probably would have become a teacher if I had not decided to go into public accounting. Writing is my creative outlet and I consider myself a financial educator (my day job is a controller for a real estate company). I have to say, I find the book business absolutely fascinating in it's own right and I'm glad to hear everyone's stories and that we are all dealing with the same challenges. I enjoy reading all sorts of genres and I'm looking forward to reading some of the books in our group and getting to know everyone.

message 13: by Deonta (new)

Deonta Turner | 2 comments Hello everyone! My name is Deonta Turner. I am a 19 year old self-published author of two poetry books on Amazon! One of the books is called Mixed Emotions and it is a poetry book about mixed up feelings. The other books is called The Spoken Word and it's a poetry book about motivation and ambition. I would appreciate it if people would support me by purchasing my books! My goal is to sell 100,000 copies on Amazon! Please support me!

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

Hi Deonta. It's nice to meet you. You are welcome add your books to our reading list. We have already voted on our first reading. If you post your books they will be included in the next vote.

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