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Kaycee Petersen Book Review #10

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Kaycee Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon was recommended to me by a good friend who loved it and it definitely did not disappoint. I loved the little thrill it gave me of falling in love and risking everything to be with someone. This book is about a girl named Madeline who has a crazy health condition where she is allergic to the world. She doesn't have an immune system, so her entire life has been lived inside in controlled environments under the watchful eye of her over-protective mother. Madeline learned to be okay with her illness and focuses her attention else-where, until she meets a boy. They fall in love and ends up escaping from the safety of her home to experience real life for the very first time. They take a trip to Hawaii and go snorkeling and cliff diving and all the fun things you're supposed to do when you go there. But the next day, Madeline is very sick and gets treated by a doctor in Hawaii. Months later she gets an email from that doctor who tells her that she isn't actually sick! Her mother had made it all up because she had lost her husband and son in a car accident and she wanted to keep her daughter safe with her forever. I didn't really like the ending, although it's a sweet story about love and living your life to the fullest, I just hate what the mother did to her. I still think it is something people should read because it teaches you to love with everything you've got!

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Jaimie Vega I beleive that its film did capture the beauty of the book. The risk the girl took in order to finally experience both love and life was a big one, yet meaningful and worth it.

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