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message 1: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) ((This is just a huge field filled with wildflowers))

message 2: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) Cameron sat down on the grass with Rue. "What's your favorite flower?"

message 3: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) “Tiger Lillies.” She said quietly. She wrapped her arms around her knees.

message 4: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) He smiled, "tiger lilies. Those are really pretty." Like you, he thought.

message 5: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) ((OOOOOOOOH))

She shivered a little. It was getting kind of cold, with the sun setting. The grass was pink in the dying light.

message 6: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) ((XD))

"Are you cold?" He didn't have a jacket, but he had his shirt.

message 7: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) She nodded. She was cold, actually, not just a little chilly. She scooted closer to him.

message 8: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) He put his arm around her. "Better? I can give you my shirt."

message 9: by quq (last edited Apr 30, 2018 04:08PM) (new)

quq  (190511) Her eyes widened. “No!” She said abruptly. “It’s okay.” But she leaned into him, appreciating his warmth.

message 10: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) He laughed, "just want you warm." She leaned into him and he scooted closer.

message 11: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) They were practically pressed against each other now. Heat filled her face, but she stayed where she was.

message 12: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) He smiled, "the Sun looks nice."

message 13: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) “Yeah.” It did. The sky was a purple-pink color, and a little higher it was a dark blue-purple, the color of a bruise. Without thinking, like at all, she leaned up and kissed him.

message 14: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) He was surprised and jumped a little at the contact. She blushed and he leaned down and kissed her.

message 15: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) Her mind was telling her how crazy this was, but she stopped thinking and wound her hands through his hair, kissing him back.

message 16: by Arthur (last edited Apr 30, 2018 07:28PM) (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) He pulled her by the waist onto his lap. He was probably passing a line, I mean they just had their first kiss but he really liked her and she seemed to like him too.

message 17: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) She pulled away, but not far. She leaned her forehead against his and caught her breath.

message 18: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) He closed his eyes and grinned, "that" He blushed.

message 19: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) She kissed him again, stopping his words.

message 20: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) He laughed a little kissing her back. He wrapped a hand into her hair an one around her back.

message 21: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) She pushed him onto the the ground and ran her hands down his chest, forgetting about his wound.

message 22: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) He laughed surprised, "woah. Rue, you have a bad side." He pulled her down and kissed her hard.

message 23: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) She smiled against his lips, and kissed him back.

message 24: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) He rolled her onto her back and kissed her again.

message 25: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) She wrapped her legs around his waist and wrapped her arms around his back, and kissed him back.

message 26: by Arthur (last edited May 01, 2018 03:06AM) (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) He stopped kissing her to breathe. "You're crazy Rue." He kissed her neck.

message 27: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) She just smiled, the butterflies in her stomach fluttering.

message 28: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) He put his head against hers. He didn't know what to say. She wasn't saying anything. Did she not like it?

message 29: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) “What are you thinking?” She whispered.

message 30: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) He looked into her eyes, "I'm thinking maybe you didn't like it." He said quietly.

message 31: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) “Of course I do, silly,” she whispered back, and pressed her lips against his again.

message 32: by Arthur (last edited Apr 30, 2018 05:17PM) (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) He kissed her, "wasn't so sure." He mumbled. She pulled him close and he grinned.

message 33: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) She sat up quickly, remembering herself. “More?” She asked him.

message 34: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) "More what?" He asked sitting up quickly.

message 35: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) She smiled sideways at him, asking with her eyes.

message 36: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) He titled his head totally discombobulated. "What?" He asked smiling a little.

message 37: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) She kissed him softly. “More?” She asked.

message 38: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) He nodded making his hair fall into his eyes. He leaned in and kissed her again slower than before and gently pulled her closer.

message 39: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) She kissed him back, but this time it was slow and careful instead of rushed and heated. More her pace.

message 40: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) "Is this better?" He asked quietly.

message 41: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) She nodded, but she could go either way. She fell onto her side and pulled him down with her.

message 42: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) He fell beside her and hugged her, she felt cold so he squeezed her as if that would make the cold go away.

message 43: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) She smiled into his chest and yawned. “Tired,” She said.

message 44: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) "Then sleep. I'll protect you." He kissed her head and closed his eyes.

message 45: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) “Okay,” she sighed. She closed her eyes and curled up.

message 46: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) He fell asleep with Rue in his arms. "Goodnight." He whispered.

message 47: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) Rue woke up to warm sun on her back. She stretched her arms and knocked into someone beside her. She scrambled away, to the edge of the forest, frightened, eyes wide.

message 48: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) Cameron woke up when something hit him. He got up when her heard running. "Rue? Is that you?" He looked around panicked but then saw her behind a tree. "Rue? Are you ok?"

message 49: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) She peeked out and saw the boy from last night. Cameron. She remembered and stepped out. “Sorry,” she smiled shyly.

message 50: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) He smiled, "good morning. What happened?"

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