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message 1: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) ((This is the tallest tree in the forest. It is millions of years old. Very mossy. Most creatures come here to be enlightened or something, it is where most of the witches preform their most important spells.))

message 2: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) "What do you do here?" He asked looking at the tree.

message 3: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) She shifted to human and walked closer to the roots of the tree. She looked back at him, inviting him closer.

message 4: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) Cameron walked to her and looked down at the roots. He waited quietly to see what she was going to do.

message 5: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) She stood up on her tiptoes and peeked in one of the dark holes in the tree. When she heard chittering, she ran to a nearby tree and collected handfuls of the berries growing there. She ran back to the tree, and dumped the berries inside. A small baby squirell poked its head out of the nest.

message 6: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) "Aww," he looked a the squirrel. "You feed the squirrels?"

message 7: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) She nodded, smiling. This particular nest had been abandoned when her griffin side had taken over and eaten the mother squirrel, and she felt horrible for it. So she was taking care of these babies for a while. Luckily their diet was mostly nuts and berries, not milk anymore.

message 8: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) "Where is their mother?" He asked looking into the hole.

message 9: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) “Oh.” She fidgeted uncomfortably with her jacket, twisting the zipper around her fingers.

message 10: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) He looked at her, "you don't have to tell me if you don't want to." He smiled.

message 11: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) “She killed her,” she said. Pointing at herself, and then at the sky, hoping he would get her meaning.

message 12: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) "Oh, your griffin form?" He sat down next to the tree.

message 13: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) She nodded and sat down next to him. She was worried she wasn’t feeding the, enough, but she came by here three times a day.

message 14: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) "That's why you feed them. Because you feel responsible?"

message 15: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) She nodded again.

message 16: by Arthur (last edited Apr 30, 2018 12:20PM) (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) He looked at her, "it isn't your fault. It was the griffin who ate her." He didn't want her to feel guilty.

message 17: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) “Still me,” She grinnned.

message 18: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) ((With three n’s))

message 19: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) ((lol, the n's are on point))

"Yeah but it wasn't you Rue. You have different memories or personalities, whatever, when you change."

message 20: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) ((Ikr))

She shrugged, propping herself up on her arms. She blamed herself, of course, but didn’t regret it. She had needed to eat.

message 21: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) He looked up at the hole. "How many are there?"

message 22: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) “Six.” She replied immediately.

message 23: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) "That's a lot. You plan on feeding them their whole lives?"

message 24: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) “No, just until they are old enough to fend for themselves.”

message 25: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) "When is that?"

message 26: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) “About a few months, maybe.” She shrugged.

message 27: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) He nodded. "What do you do after you feed them?"

message 28: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) “I sit here,” she said. “Then I go eat.”

message 29: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) "Can I join you?" He felt like he kept asking her questions so he clamped his mouth shut.

message 30: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) “If you like,” she said sweetly. She knew he would not enjoy her eating routine.

message 31: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) He smiled, "I would."

message 32: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) She smiled and stood up. “Ready?” She asked.

message 33: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) He nodded and stood up. "Where to?"

message 34: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) She shifted into a griffin and kneeled down again.

message 35: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) He got on excitedly. "Yay." He said goofily.

message 36: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) She clicked her beak and took off. ((Going to South Lake))

message 37: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) Follow sat under the tree. He hoped one of those weird centaur things wouldn't come up and make him leave. He rubbed Fitz's head. Fitz was a really big bear who hated everyone, except for Follow of course.

message 38: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale Selene shyly came out from behind the tree, "good morning," she said softly.

message 39: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) "Oh my goodness!" he shot up from his seat and Fitz ran off into the woods.

message 40: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale She jumped back. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to frighten you!"

message 41: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) "OH, its you," he said, relieved. "Its okay, I'm a very startle-able person."

message 42: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale She nodded, a little bit more calm now.

message 43: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) "Samantha, right?" he frowned. He couldn't remember her name.

message 44: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale "Serene," she corrected. "And you are Follow, right?"

message 45: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) "Yep. Sorry. I have a pretty bad memory." he tapped his head.

message 46: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale She smiled shyly, "it's ok. I really don't mind."

message 47: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) "Whelp that's good." He sat back down. 'What are you doing here?"

message 48: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale She shrugged, "just walking around, I guess."

message 49: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) "Kay." he patted the ground next to him.

message 50: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale She blushed and sat down. "What were you doing?"

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