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quq  (190511) Name:






Witch Of:


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Milo  Does the witch necessarily have to be good?

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quq  (190511) Good or bad is fine, but if they are bad just don’t make them like too bad

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Milo  I know. I already have a witch made. She is just misunderstood. She doesn't know what is good or bad. :)

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quq  (190511) Ok sounds good then :)

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Mimi 'Pans' Herondale Name: Ilia

Age: 16


History: she was an orphan since birth, and somehow miraculously survived alone. no one knows how to this day

Personality: quiet, shy, certain, know it all, nice, kind,

Relationship: anyone???

Witch Of: light, as in torches or anything


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quq  (190511) Approved!

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Mimi 'Pans' Herondale thank you!

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Milo  Full Name: Raven Blackstone

Age (1-18): 16

Species: Half witch

Personality: She is completely spoilt, callous, arrogant and demanding, coercing her courtiers to agree with every word she says, almost blindly. When she has a decision to make, she twiddles her fingers about as she decides. She also bites her lip. She has become sweeter over the years but still has a dark side that no one wants to mess with. Raven is shy at first but outgoing once you get to know her. She doesn't believe in 'love' and thinks it's a waste of someone's time. I mean why fall in love when one day your either gonna die? Or someone is going to hurt you in ways you thought was never possible. Raven often is very sarcastic and had a bored look on her face. She will giggle like a little girl when she is harming someone. She loves to torture men. She often has them fall in love with her, then she slowly kills them. *giggle*


Most of the time:
Raven has long dark black hair and bright blue eyes. She is 5'4 and 112 pounds. She has a small frame and is slender. She usually dresses in a dark black dress and either a witch's hat or a black beanie. She is always wearing black boots.

Strengths: She's catlike, very agile, and flexible. She is small so she can hide very well. She is also smart and plans her moves very carefully. She is also good with weapons and a skilled fighter.

Weaknesses: She doesn't like being snuck up on, hates relationships, very ticklish, doesn't like being hugged or shown affection. She also cannot stand being cornered, it makes her feel vulnerable.


Being tickled
Being snuck up on
Being cornered
Compliments or affection

History: Raven was 12 years old when she took an interest in dark magic. She wanted to be a sorceress when she grew up. She researched spell books and found a local witchcraft store on the outside of town. The lady was creepy and had a weird voice like she was trying to put you in a trance. Raven bought a few things from her; a spell book, a witch's hat, a cloak, and a small bottle. The bottle was for trapping souls. When Raven was 14 she was kidnapped by a strange man in the woods. He declared that she would be his bride. But he didn't want her like that. He slapped her and told her 'no girl of his is going to be dressing like a gothic stripper.' He locked her in his cellar and refused to let her out until she decided to change. But Raven refused. She eventually escaped and brutally murdered him. Of course, no one had been looking for her. Her parents were glad she was gone.

Witch Outfit:

Witch of: Dark Magic.

Other: She has two sides. Her sweet innocent side. And her demonic evil side.

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quq  (190511) Approved!

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Milo  Thanks!

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bubblewaffles Name: Rosemary Skye Terrell

Age: 15

Appearance: Rosemary has light blond hair down to a couple of inches below her shoulders, which mostly covers her face, and her light blue eyes almost all the time. She has a lightly tanned complexion, spending most time indoors but also time outdoors. She stands at around 5’5, give or take a couple of inches, and weighs around 112 pounds, some of which is muscle. She normally wears dark colors and combat boots, even though she'd prefer pastel colors, but doesn't want to draw attention to herself.

History: Born to Eddie and Lilac Terrell, a human and a powerful magician, she was always raised to be a good person, someone who would use their magic for good, and not evil or selfish deeds. When she turned two, her younger brother, Jeremy was born, and she and he were the closest of siblings, always being the goofy companions to each other. She once invaded someone’s mind by accident and hated doing something stupid like that ever again, so she resorted to acting cold around other people, not her brother because she really liked him. She started to work more on her magic, constantly practicing and practicing on people around her who didn’t like her and made it abundantly clear that they didn’t. When her brother turned three, her parents were murdered in a fire, and her brother got lost, so she ran here to learn more about her powers.

Personality: To most people, she seems cold and quiet, the kind of person who uses a sarcastic tone all the time, and rarely means anything. But really, she is shy around most people; nice to almost everyone who isn’t on her bad side; caring, to everyone who needs it; compassionate, to almost everyone and everything that she can be; and insecure, especially around others. She likes to support and cheer people up, it makes her feel better. She's a genius but prefers to spend her time joking around and cheering people up. When she needs to tune out the rest of the world, she reads books for puns or reads books for humour and great character building. When she falls in love, she falls quite deeply, and rarely climbs back out without scars. She loves to sing or hum in her spare time, sometimes quietly when listening to music. She is an introvert by heart, but extroverted around most friends.

Relationship: Not looking for one, but will get with someone

Witch Of: The Mind (Telepathy, Empathy, Telekinesis, Thoughts, Emotions)

Other: Don't piss her off.

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Adeline | 98 comments Name: Raimy Gorseling

Age: 16



History: born into a world where magic was scorned upon. Kept her beast-speech a secret and her ability to shape shift into a wolf a secret as well. Prefers her wolf form and is often always seen in it. Has a sister named Enna, who is her fraternal twin.

Personality: quiet, shy, curious, adventurous

Relationship: single

Witch Of: animal spirit (mainly wolves)

Other: has a twin sister who is witch of animals as well, but mainly foxes, which is her main form.

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dashofmagic | 481 comments Mod

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BoldlyGoingNowhere Name: Enna Gorseling

Age: 16

(Second picture on top row)


History: Born into world where magic was scorned upon. Kept powers secret to stay alive.

Personality: Adventurous, cunning, keeps to herself, sometimes speaks in riddles

Relationship: Single

Witch Of: Animal Life

Other: Twin sister witch of wolves/animals, has a calm demeanor but can be ruthless, loves to climb, has a horse named Alaskar

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Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) approved

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quq  (190511) Leila wrote: "Name: Enna Gorseling

Age: 16

(Second picture on top row)


Is she a witch, or a shapeshifter?

BoldlyGoingNowhere Witch. She's just able to transform into her spirit animal.

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quq  (190511) Oh ok then

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Adeline | 98 comments Name: Kaliska and Caro Crow

Age: 17 (Kaliska) and 16 (Caro)

Appearance: Kaliska-


History: Kaliska was born during a lunar eclipse and Caro was born during a solar eclipse. Kaliska prefers the night well Caro prefers the day. They both train together, as they are sisters. Kaliska inherited more from her father well Caro took after their mother. Kaliska is more rude and outgoing well Caro is sweet and kind.

Personality: Caro-nice, caring, kind, curious, eager, and can be quite adventurous. Kaliska- rude, outgoing, cunning, and can get people to spill all their secrets if she's not caught.

Relationship: Kaliska is single and planning on staying single. Caro hopes to find somebody one day.

Witch Of: Kaliska- poison Caro- healing. She can fix anything.

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