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Lucy Powrie (lucythereader) | 21 comments Mod
Share your thoughts on Jane Eyre here!

Here are some questions to get you started:

* What do you think of Jane Eyre herself? Particularly, the way she looks, her progression throughout the novel, and the decisions she makes.

* Is Mr Rochester really as swoon-worthy as people say or is he flawed?

* What did you think of the portrayal of Bertha Mason?

* Jane Eyre is a bildungsroman -- it talks about Jane's formative years, from when she is younger to her growing up. What did you think of the structure of the book?

* What are your thoughts on the ending? Is it as you expected? Were you hoping for something different?

Thia Reads A Lot (thiareadsalot) | 8 comments I've read Jane Eyre multiple times, so I had plenty of time to observe little details instead of focusing on the plot.
- It's weird how suddenly at the end, when Jane is independent and has the approval of her relatives, she is suddenly seen as beautiful, yet she was plain when she was poor/without relatives.
- I don't like Mr Rochester much. He's too changing and becomes absorbed into his thoughts too much for my taste. But Jane loves him, so that makes him all right, I guess. (I also don't swoon over Mr Darcy, so there might be something wrong with me, though I like Darcy better than Rochester.)
- Bertha never speaks a word on the page, so it's hard for me to get an idea of her. Imagining her having lucid moments and founding herself locked away was not pleasant.
- The first third of this novel, when Jane is at Gateshead and at school, is too long for my taste. The part where Jane is at Morton is almost as long, yet it doesn't seem as boring, since Jane is doing things instead of having things done to her, if that makes sense.
- The ending is fine. I am well familiarized with it by now, but what stroke me this time (and never did before) is that Mr Rochester lost his hand in the fire. I remember well enough about his sight, but I forgot that detail entirely.

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