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On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft
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Ellie Tucker | 8 comments Stephen King’s On Writing, has a very powerful and well written story of Stephen King himself. The book is part biography and part “how to.” Mr. King writes about his childhood and young-adulthood along with the struggles he had growing up. He relates his stories growing up to why and how it helped him become the writer he is today. He talks about his family and the struggle he had of having a single mother. He also talks about having to miss out on some school and activities because of illnesses he had. Mr. King tell about how his childhood help him become a writer.
Mr. King also writes about how he got in trouble alot but still went to college, got married, and then worked various jobs to provide for his family. All through this he wrote little stories for magazines and newspapers until he finally wrote something that got him published and recognized. The only problem is that he got into an accident and though he would never write again. The book the goes into the advice he wrote for fellow aspiring writers. Through his story of overcomings and advice that may sound weird, this book help a lot of aspiring writer to finish there “blocked” writings.
I would recommend this book to anyone thinking about writing or having trouble overcoming things. Mr. King’s use of great metaphors and personal experiences really made the book worth while. The book is a bit lengthy but a really good read. His stories are relatable and his advice uplifting. His use descriptive imagery really help the reader picture what his stories looked like. Stephen King suggests that writing is a part of life that should not be the center of life, but a support to it that all writers should embrace. That advice, is something i believe can inspire many to this day.

message 2: by Bryn (new)

Bryn Baker | 8 comments Excellent review. Stephen King is an excellent writer and it’s no surprise he could come up with another hit. I’ve always been a lover of King’s work, Children of The Corn being a personal favorite, I could definitely see myself reading and enjoying this book in the future. I like how you can consider other factors than just the text itself that goes into writing. All-in-all you’ve convinced me, sounds like a great read.

message 3: by Maddie (new)

Maddie Greene | 8 comments This review does a great job of summarizing and explaining what happens in the book to give readers a general idea of the plot. This book sounds very interesting after reading the details you briefly talked about and it seems like an enjoyable read. I do not know whether or not I would read this book. However, your review is quite convincing and I became more intrigued with the story as I continued to read. It seems like a lot of insightful information is provided as well as some detail on King's life, which may just be fun to read and learn about.

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