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message 1: by Kate (new)

Kate Darrington The book I decided to read is “Holes” by louis sachar, this book is about a boy named stanley yelnats, he was sent to a prison camp because he was blamed for doing something he did not do, at the prison camp they had to dig holes in search of treasure.

The conflict in this story is, there is a curse on the yelnats from years ago when there no good great great grandfather elya yelnats fell in love with a woman and he went to madame zeroni looking for help madame zeroni told elya that he had to carry a pig up the mountain and let it drink the water from the stream so it could get big and strong, then when he couldn't carry then when he could carry the fat pig he had to carry madame zeroni up the mountain so she could drink the water and get strong and fat, except else was going to america and he forgot to take madame zeroni up the side of the mountain so she could drink the water from the stream and then the yelnats were cursed for eternity.

The setting in this book is at camp green lake which is the prison camp, but little did stanley know that it was not even close to any source of water, it dried up very many years after the yelnats curse, when stanley gets to camp he sees nothing but desserts for miles and miles and maybe thousands of holes in the middle of nowhere looking for a treasure from a lady named kate burlack she would kill people and the steal from them, she collected all there money then buried it in a wooden box that said stanley's name, one day stanley and a character named zero, they had to dig 100 holes alone for a punishment, while they were digging one of their holes stanley hit something hard then again stanley and zero dug around it and they pulled out a chest it said stanley's name when the camp warden came over to the home there were tons of yellow spotted lizards which were very very dangerous, the warden took the chest from stanley and said it belonged to her stanley and zero out of the hole and took back the chest and told her
hat it said stanleys name stanleys attorney later came and picked stanley up and took stanley and zero home, later stanley bought a big house and helped zero to find his mother.
I really liked this book and i recommend you read it.

message 2: by Aza (new) - rated it 4 stars

Aza I do like this book too. Stanley Yelnats is an inspirational character! Whoever didn't read this book, will regret it.

Phew 😮‍💨 @Aza I totally agree. I’m glad I read this book.

message 4: by Aza (new) - rated it 4 stars

Aza Chidera wrote: "@Aza I totally agree. I’m glad I read this book."Thanks Chidera, I am so happy you read it!

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