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message 1: by Madison (new)

Madison Bell | 2 comments I read this series a while ago and cannot remember the name please help! I know its supposd to be one book but i dont reqlly remember when one book stops and another begins i just gussed...i read the series as one book

In the first book a girl gets taken to another deminsion/world. Its always night/day (i cannot remember which) she turns out to be half fae (or something) People get their powers by being blessed in the temple of whichever god their house worships. All except the house that belonged to the shadow god. His temple was destroyed . She ends up falling in love with the guy who brought her there. He happens to belong to the house with the destroyed temple. The Hero somehow gets blessed and becomes the lord of shadows

Second book. (I think) In this one the main female character is the best friend of the h from the last book. She and another friend follow their best friend to the new world/deminsion. She tirns out to be some kind of witch/siren and during a big performance a battle happens and she sings the dead to life to win for her people.
Third (again i think) the last friend ends up having dreams of creating miniature temples. She creates the firrst for the god who had his temple destroyed. And it works to bless the people of that house. She then goes on to create miniture temples for all the other gods. And blesses all their allies.

Throughout all of the woks there is a war going on to keep the world/realm the way it is (bad guys) or change it back to having night and day (good guys)

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Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6967 comments Mod
Madison, searching for a series is OK. It's when you put multiple books that are not related that we object.

I have no idea what your series is, but it does look interesting. I will probably be trying to find myself some (cheap) copies to read after it's found.

Also, I added the part about no day to your thread header, since that is something that I don't think is real common.

message 3: by Madison (new)

Madison Bell | 2 comments Thank you for clarifying! This is my first time asking for help remembering/finding a book/series previously read.

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Lobstergirl | 40627 comments Mod
Madison, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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