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I Am Malala: The Story of the Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban
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I Am Malala

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Dulce Dulce Garcia
Honors English 9/Period 2.
21 April 2018
Malala’s Fight For Education
I Am Malala is an inspirational book about the life of Malala Yousafzai in the Swat Valley. With the help of Christina Lamb, Malala tells her story about standing up for girls’ education in Pakistan and how it resulted in her getting shot by the Taliban on Tuesday, October 9, 2012. Lamb is a British journalist and author who has won fourteen awards, such as Foreign Correspondent of the Year. Malala is a well- known activist who also received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014. She also now runs the Malala Fund to help other girls who were in her situation. Her father Ziauddin Yousafzai is who influenced her to fight for equal education as he has been doing the same thing. She has given many speeches that have helped others understand the importance of fair schooling for girls. Her story gives readers a chance to truly comprehend the importance of speaking out for ones rights and is a lesson on courage.

The book goes through important events in young Malala’s life even including end of year school exams which she excelled at. It mentions many Pashtun customs, such as letting family come and stay at one’s house as long as they want, even if it’s without notice. Malala also describes her mother as being a kind person who never turned anyone away and helped others as much as she could even without knowing how to read. Many interviews are mentioned where Malala talks about wishing for peace and equality. For quite some time she lived in fear of the Taliban, due to bombings, and what they might do to her for speaking her mind. But, even then she explains how she was happy and loved her home as its people. Many other occasions are described as well which help the reader connect with Malala and fear for her life when she gets shot.

This is the type of story that motivates one to try and change the world by showing how one can overcome obstacles with plenty of effort. Malala’s journey is filled with emotion and inspiration from the start. She went through experiences most people will luckily never have to bear. As said by The Washington Times, “It’s a brave girl’s tale in an unsafe country, and it reveals her fierce determination to make the world a better place.” This book is a highly recommended read due to the impact of Malala’s actions as she displays strength, persistence, and more. A moving tale that needs to be shared with as many as possible.

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Breanna | 8 comments This book sounds very interesting as its from the perspective of a women which I can understand very clearly. A lot of people in the world have trouble sticking up for themselves as well as other people. It's stories like these that inspire people to make a change. Unfortunately, too many people are scared and it's time that people realize what they can do to make that change. The story of Malala sounds likes an amazing book to read. In this age and century, we see more and more people sticking up for their rights and becoming more open about their feelings. This is good because we want people to be heard and we want them to communicate those feelings. What I believe is harder than healing from a gunshot wound, is not taking a step towards bettering yourself and those around you. You can go on with your life, not saving that life, or standing up to your bullies, or be like Malala, the inspirational, fierce, and determined young lady. I really like your review because it brought another form of perspective into our lives, and stories like these will continue to be eye opening and interesting. I also love how you strongly emphasized her gunshot wound because it proved that people can be fearless and unstoppable, no matter what comes their way.

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Thi Truong | 8 comments This book would not be my first choice to read because, in my head, I think that I can kind all this information in compositions of articles or interviews, but after reading your review, I realized that it's more about the connection we feel to the emotions she felt during her experiences. Even though I didn't read the book, I feel inspired even getting a glimpse at her life and what she had to go through. Women around the world face this kind of injustice everyday of their lives and seeing one of those women stand up against that and getting punished is really sad. At that point, that trauma of a gunshot gets engraved into ones head, and I can't imagine how hard it was to get through that event and how the women, in her position, felt after the news. This would be an amazing read as a way to inspire people and finally give them the courage to be able to change their circumstances that they were born in.

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Shivani Shah | 7 comments I have always wanted to read this book but I had never gotten a chance. This book review just reinforces my interest in the book and makes me want to read it more because I find books like this very interesting. You have a very organized writing style and it really puts the review in logical order. I like how you didn't write about unnecessary stuff. It makes the review very concise and straight to the point. I think this type of book is great for everyone to read because no one really realizes what they take for granted until they don't have it anymore. This book helps to show people that they have so many opportunities and they just have to take them. Great job!

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Ellie Tucker | 8 comments This book now that i know more about it, seem like a really good read. Your review helped me know more about how empowering this brave women is and how she inspired others with her story. That makes me want to know more details about her story. You also stated that it talks about her customs, as well, which to me sounds very intriguing. thanks to your review i really want to know more about her life struggles and how her overcame them.

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Liam Munro | 7 comments This sounds like a really compelling book. This definitely isn't the type of book I would normally read, but it sounds very good based on your review. It really makes you think about the struggle that some people have to go through to gain something that seems so normal in our everyday life. I really appreciate your review and how it really makes the book sound good without giving away too much information. It sounds like an awesome read and I will be sure to check it out.

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