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message 1: by Sean (new)

Sean R. | 8 comments Sean Runkle
Mr. Hilbert
English, Period 2
27 April 2018

The Little Prince

Sometimes the shortest books hold the most meaning. They do not need further explanation, because their themes are so simple yet they are so powerful. The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is one of these stories, and it is a children’s book containing 93 pages. With this in mind it might seem almost to basic to be worth while reading, but the author wrote it so that it grabs your attention no matter what age you are, because it is not teaching you motor skills, but it is showing you something that everyone should know. This book has ideas and ways of life that the characters learn that can be applied to your own life, because this book is more than just a short story, it is a guide that is showing a perspective that can be taken on about the world and everything on it.

The story starts with the author’s personal experience with art and creating things with his imagination during his childhood. His first drawing was a boa constrictor that had ate an elephant whole, but when he showed this drawing to his parents and other adults, seeing if the drawing was scary to them, they just responded with “Why be scared of a hat?” Since they did not apparently see it was a boa constrictor that had ate an elephant whole, his second drawing showed the elephant inside of the boa constrictor, so they could understand his first drawing. After this, his parents wanted him to focus on other, more important things such as school. As an adult, he met other adults that he thought were imaginative and showed them his first drawing, and they all said “that’s a hat” (Saint-Exupéry,1-3). This personal prologue to his main story is one of the most meaningful parts of this book, as it not only kick starts the story, but that it also is pushing you to understand the overall theme or motif of the story, that even when we are grown up, we should value things we cannot see. What this means is that value is more than a tangible item, it is value of love, loyalty, happiness, and many other things that cannot be seen by the eye. This is what the little prince learns, to connect these three to find a way of life, because love is loyalty, and this leads to happiness.

Most memorable books are remember for the story that is told, the characters and what they do, and the areas in which it takes place, but The Little Prince is different. Yes it has a good story, and yes it has good characters, and yes it has an area in which it takes place, but this book is remembered for something besides these things, its meaning. The large, overarching idea this book presents is moving, and its application is ongoing in life. Even though work needs to be done, and assignments need to be turned in, that doesn’t mean that everything needs to be facts, numbers, and information. Life also needs abstract and pure things to, because “The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.”

message 2: by Katie (new)

Katie | 8 comments This sounds like a wonderful book for anyone to read. I love how you used the prologue to explain the theme of the book, because you were able to give enough detail that we understood where the theme was coming from, without being able to figure out the whole book. The fact that the meaning is the most memorable part of the book is surprising to me. I think for most it would be difficult to write a meaningful book that is also very interesting, but the way you described "The Little Price" makes me interested in how the author accomplished it. I have heard about this book before and I almost read it. This time, however, I will definitely be reading this.

message 3: by Thi (new)

Thi Truong | 8 comments I actually just started reading this book yesterday after watching the movie; this was probably because I did not get the theme in the movie and wanted more of an explanation on the message it was trying to spread to the population. I was really wondering how accurate the movie was to the book and how the animation affected my perception of the overarching theme. I agree with you when you said that this book pulls anyone of any age in because after reading the prologue, I see how relatable it is mainly because what the author has experienced I think I have heard at least once in my life or overheard being said to another person. I think we need more of that abstract quality in the minds of today because of the monetary value that is placed on everything we see. I look forward to continuing to reading this book after your review and I would recommend watching the movie as well.

message 4: by Hailey (new)

Hailey | 8 comments I had heard of this book for year but no part of me ever felt like I needed to read it because it was a children's book and I wasn't expecting their to be that much meaning behind it. After reading your review though I now feel compelled to read this book. In your review I appreciate how you said that while the book has things like good characters and things like that the book is more remembered for the meaning behind the book. And you displayed this well with the example that you explained happened in the prologue this had began the story in a way that has the readers understand the value of love, loyalty, and happiness which is one of the main themes in this story. Your review has made me want to read this story because of the important message in such a short book.

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