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Night - Book Review

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message 1: by Katie (new)

Katie | 8 comments Night by Elie Wiesel is a breathtaking book centering around the author when he was a teenager practicing Judaism during World War II. Wiesel writes about his experiences of being ripped from his home and losing track of his family. It begins with Wiesel living in his hometown named Sighet, which is located in the northern area of what is now known as Romania. Wiesel tells the story of how he and the rest of his town were forced onto cattle cars headed towards the infamous Auschwitz, which was the largest concentration camp created by the Nazis. The cattle cars were so tightly packed that nobody was able to sit down, or even breathe very easily, and that was just the beginning of Wiesel’s tragic story.

When they arrive at Auschwitz, Wiesel and his father are separated from Wiesel’s mother and sister. Wiesel and his father grow very close through the course of this tragedy. The point of view in Night is first person, told by Wiesel’s perspective. This allows the readers to “see inside his head” and know what he thinks about his situations easily. One symbol that constantly appears is the book is fire. Fire is constantly seen and it symbolizes death and destruction. One theme is that ‘religion is tested through hardship.’ Wiesel constantly struggles with his beliefs and whether he can believe in a God that allows such terrible things to happen to people.

Elie Wiesel survived many tragedies in life, and lived long enough to write over 50 books. Wiesel passed away in 2016, but not without sharing his experiences to the world through his book, Night. Night will keep anyone enchanted for hours at a time. There is never a dull moment in this heart wrenching book. There is a cliffhanger at the end of every page which makes it impossible to put this book down once it’s started. I recommend this book to anyone except children, due to the intense scenes and dark violence. Night that speaks the truth about the horrible experiences that Jews went through during World War II, which is why this book was so important to read. Understanding what these people went through during this point in history is critical in understanding what to do in the future. Everyone needs to be able to understand the pain that was caused during the holocaust so that it never happens again.

message 2: by Sean (new)

Sean R. | 8 comments This book sounds like almost a scary story in the way you described it, but I am still intrigued about this book. This subject itself is during a time of unneeded death and terror, but I feel it is my responsibility and everyone else's responsibility to know about this. As you say in the review, "Night speaks the truth about the horrible experiences that Jews went through during World War II, which is why this book was so important to read." This is so important to know about, because, no matter how bad it was, people need to remember what happened to these people so that this will never happen again. I will read this book, and also this review is well put together to talk about this certain topic.

message 3: by Dulce (new)

Dulce After reading your review I'm really interested in reading "Night" because of the way you described it, as being a way to understand the hardships people went through during the Holocaust. It truly is an event nobody should forget due to the impacts it had. Also I like how you connected the importance of Wiesel's story to our current lives; how history should be learned about so mistakes aren't repeated. We need to understand the consequences of certain actions and how much pain they can bring. After what you wrote, I feel reading "Night" is the least one could do. I think the way you introduced his story gave just enough details that it captivates one to need to know the rest of his journey. Overall I think your review is an effective way to get someone to read about Wiesel's difficulties.

message 4: by Hailey (new)

Hailey | 8 comments Reading your review I think you did a good job on really describing and reviewing the story. Having read this story before, I already knew what happened, so when I read your review I really like the way you interpreted and explained the book. My favorite thing in your review was when you said that every page is a cliffhanger making it impossible to put down. I Understand that completely, because this book does tell the horrific story that someone had to go through. You did a really good job putting an emotional appeal on this book review, while reading it I remembered what it was like reading this book. Your book review was really good in explaining the struggles he went through and why it is important for us to read and appreciate this book.

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