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BLIND DATE: ARCHIVED > ✓ Pair 14: Kat B. & Sofia (August 2014)

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message 1: by Gisbelle (last edited Jul 29, 2014 05:03AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Gisbelle | 27299 comments Blind Date Challenge: Kat B. & Sofia

Task: Theme: Bullying

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Gisbelle | 27299 comments Badges

 photo task_zps0d355b52.jpgdescriptiondescription

Kathleen  (bookbeat) | 72 comments We're going to choose task 92.

Sofiraindrop | 470 comments I think we have to say it in the thread blind date challenge instead of here

Gisbelle | 27299 comments Task added.

Sofiraindrop | 470 comments Have you got any ideas?

Kathleen  (bookbeat) | 72 comments Not yet, but I'll google it.

Kathleen  (bookbeat) | 72 comments I found this this:

I was looking at the books
-The List
-Undone (not on the list)
-The Julian Game
-The Bully Book

Most of those are very mild forms of bullying.

Look through the list and let me know which ones catch your interest.

Sofiraindrop | 470 comments I would prefer the list because I already have it. Is it ok with you or would you prefer a different one?

Kathleen  (bookbeat) | 72 comments Have you already read it? I'm not sure we can use books we've already read

Sofiraindrop | 470 comments No, I haven't read it but I already downloaded it so I would have no problem in reading it

Kathleen  (bookbeat) | 72 comments We shall read The List then. This was an easy decision.

Sofiraindrop | 470 comments Good. I am so excited to read this book! How does this work? we just say the book we are going to read right?

Kathleen  (bookbeat) | 72 comments I think so. I'll check some of the other threads to see what they did.

Kathleen  (bookbeat) | 72 comments I'm pretty sure once we pick the book we can start reading.

I'm just waiting to get mine then I'll start reading.

Sofiraindrop | 470 comments Ok tell me when you get it so we can start :)

Sofiraindrop | 470 comments I am going to start reading the book

Kathleen  (bookbeat) | 72 comments I'm going to start reading tomorrow. Let me know what you think of the first few chapters.

Sofiraindrop | 470 comments I have read the first three chapters and I'm liking it so far

Sofiraindrop | 470 comments How far have you read?

Kathleen  (bookbeat) | 72 comments I just started reading yesterday :( I think I'm about 70 pages in. It's really good so far.

How far along are you?

Sofiraindrop | 470 comments I have read 100 pages or so.

Sofiraindrop | 470 comments I have finished the book!!

Kathleen  (bookbeat) | 72 comments Wow! You went from 100 pages to finished in two days. That's quick reading. I'm somewhere halfway through, it'll probably take me another 2 days

Kathleen  (bookbeat) | 72 comments The List by Siobhan Vivian

This is the cover on my book. Which of the girls do you think is the one on the front cover?

Sofiraindrop | 470 comments And the thing is I was in a long flight so I finished it. The girl in the cover, I think it might be Bridget you?

Kathleen  (bookbeat) | 72 comments I think it might be Abby or Candace. I picture both of them as brunettes but the girl looks upset so it might be Candace. I think the girl standing on the right is Bridget and the girl on the left as Sarah.

Sofiraindrop | 470 comments I was thinking it could be candace too but then they were saying she had icy grey eyes

Kathleen  (bookbeat) | 72 comments I stared at my cover for a few minutes and the girl on the cover does have green eyes but they're not icy.

Kathleen  (bookbeat) | 72 comments Finished it!

Sofiraindrop | 470 comments good! did you like it?

Kathleen  (bookbeat) | 72 comments I did. I like how it showed all the girl's points of view over the week. How about you?

Sofiraindrop | 470 comments same thing! it was refreshing and made me realize that it isnt easy to be the pretty girl either.and the end was unexpected. did you see it coming?

Kathleen  (bookbeat) | 72 comments NO! I wasn't even thinking about who wrote the list. All I kept thinking was that everyone was being fake nice to Jennifer and they were going to do something mean to her at homecoming.

Sofiraindrop | 470 comments No, I can't, sorry.
And I thought the same as you! I was thinking they would pour something over her head or something as mean as that. I just hated the timing of the ending. I would have liked to know what happens after homecoming!

Kathleen  (bookbeat) | 72 comments That's the magic of books, they never give you all the information, you have to use your imagination and create your own after homecoming.

I did like the last line of the book, how the crown was made of plastic. It's not real and neither is the image some people project to the world.

Kathleen  (bookbeat) | 72 comments Are you doing the September blind date challenge?

Sofiraindrop | 470 comments No, because I don't know if I would be able to make time for it. You?

Kathleen  (bookbeat) | 72 comments Yea I'm participating. Hopefully I remember to read the book :/

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