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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Kids/YA mystery, kids' friends' dad was shot in robbery and the money was hidden somewhere but everyone thought the dad was guilty. Spoilers ahead.

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Finny | 1 comments Plot details: So these two siblings went to stay with their grandparents, I think after a war (but not sure which war)? They met some local kids whose dad died in some kind of altercation involving money being stolen, and the whole town thought the dad was guilty. A detail I remember is that the mom changed her last name to her maiden name because of this.


So the kids ended up looking for the money that was stolen and hidden, and they eventually found some clues that led to it being found underneath this big red rock? And the dad was found to be not guilty and his name was cleared.

Other details:
The book was meant for kids/teens. I read it around the late 2000s. My copy seemed old, but that might've been because I got it secondhand. It was set in America for sure, and historical. I remember it being set after a war, but I'm not sure what war it was, exactly.

Thank you!

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Finny, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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