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“Blink” Malcolm Gladwell Book review

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message 1: by Olivia (new)

Olivia Garcia | 9 comments “Blink”-Malcolm Gladwell

“Blink” written by Malcolm Gladwell is a book that not only explores how people in the world make snap decisions, but their instinct and physiology of our minds that cause us to make these accurate assumptions. Whether these assumptions make people subconsciously racist, sexist, or show prejudice towards a certain group of beings. A book that, like any other book, wants you to look deeper and actually think to understand why we may behave or think the ways that we might about something in particular, whether we be influenced by the physical environment, or from snap judgement, as mentioned in the book. The detail that I found most fascinating about this book is how assumptions (even accurate ones) are made from the tiniest of information, not a lot of information, which would match with the human instinct and snap judgement. This book, at the very end of the day, made me consider my own thoughts, and my own judgements about people, and why I make those judgements in the first place.
While this book, of course, does not follow a storyline, being informational, most everything in the book is connected. The first chapter that stood out in the book would be chapter two, which talks about how someone’s physical environment may subconsciously trigger a change in their behavior. We make snap judgements based on even the smallest physical cues, and an example that Gladwell provides the book would be the Subway in Spain. Small, but annoying crimes such as littering and vandalizing decreased significantly when classical music was being played over the speaker. And this would further raise questions about whether or not it is morally ethical to influence people without them even knowing about it. This snap judgement that could be made through the physical environment does not limit what other snap judgement examples are given. Another situation that is brought up in the chapter is a coaches ability (in tennis) to tell whether or not the serve is going to be good or bad, and not even he can explain fully how he can predict something like that with such little detail. Not only this chapter stood out to me, but so did the conclusion of the book. In the conclusion, Gladwell explains how judgement of gender or ethnicity or anything else was eliminated with blind auditions. This meant that the judges could not see the person who was auditioning, only hear the music that is being played by that specific person. Gladwell makes it known that people must recognize how easily their subconscious is affected by other factors, outside factors, and they must put an end to it.
This book is definitely on my recommended to read book list, because of how much it exposes everyone in the world. Everyone in the world has their own bias, whether it be one thing or another, without them being able to subconsciously being able to recognize it. And while this might sound very cliché or cheesy, it is eye opening to how many other factors are placed in our mind with little information about someone or something. A book that would not be my first choice, seeing as it was Non-fiction and without a specific storyline, was able to prove that it was worth the read.

message 2: by Kayla (new)

Kayla | 8 comments I'm not usually one for non-fiction books but your review makes Blink sound very intriguing. I like how you gave a glimpses and run-downs of how the book is organized and what exactly is it all about. I've always found psychology very interesting and based on your review, this book is definitely on my list. It's very intriguing to know that simple, snap decisions are based on little details of our environment or that situation. It's pretty disappointing to know that no matter what, everyone will have a bias, consciously or not. However, I appreciate the insight this book will give on how the human mind works. Thank you for the very informative review.

message 3: by Ellie (new)

Ellie Tucker | 8 comments I have always been fascinated at the science of Psychology. And now that i know this book exists, it is definitely on my reading list. I found your review on this book very helpful. i now know what it is about and how much i will like of it. Your personal review of the book was excellent as well. It showed me that you found this book to be interesting and intriguing. Just from reading you review i am fascinated by how our environment and people with us can effect our decisions. i will definitely have to read this book.

message 4: by Liam (new)

Liam Munro | 7 comments This book sounds very interesting. Psychology has been something that I find amusing, but I have never fully understood it. Along with The Tipping Point, I find books like these not to be boring, but fascinating. I liked how you described the different scenarios where subconscious things happen, because it caused me to visualize those situations. This is a great review and it helps to sell the book with out giving too much information. I have no doubt that the book is rich with examples like you mentioned and it sounds like a great read!

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