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message 1: by Carole (new)

Carole P. Roman | 4639 comments Mod
ndie Author's Monthly has been added to a newsletter from a source associated with Publisher's Weekly to go out to over 30000, that's thrity thousdand librairians !!!

Congratudations to all those authors who made sure they wrote articles. The executive told me librarians are asking for sources to BUY indies for their libraitries and becasue IAM is FREE_ they will probably download and watch the books mentioned.

message 2: by Margaret (new)

Margaret Standafer | 88 comments Wonderful news!

message 3: by D.J. (new)

D.J. Cooper | 1028 comments Whaaaaat? Wow!

message 4: by R.L. (new)

R.L. Jackson (authorrljackson) | 856 comments Mod
Yes exciting times so if you want in on this months magazine there is still time to submit something. Also include a book image and I’ll get the isbns so the libraries can order smoothly

message 5: by R.L. (new)

R.L. Jackson (authorrljackson) | 856 comments Mod
Maybe you can write about how to do Amazon add in the U.K. I know a lot of authors don’t know how to do this so smug you have any insight that may be helpful

message 6: by R.L. (new)

R.L. Jackson (authorrljackson) | 856 comments Mod
Ok that makes sense. Magazine publishing date is May 5th

message 7: by Theodore (new)

Theodore Cohen (theodorejeromecohen) | 1432 comments Terrific, gang! All your hard work is paying off handsomely!

message 8: by Christine (new)

Christine (christineroney) | 261 comments What great news!! I'll start working on an article!

Sam (Rescue Dog Mom, Writer, Hugger) (sammydogs) | 970 comments Congratulations everyone! Wonderful news! Hugs!!

message 10: by Carmel (new)

Carmel Hanes | 464 comments Outstanding! Kudos to all who helped make it happen!

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