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Lyndsey | 212 comments

Posting Order

1. Lyndsey
2. Takeo
3. Rigby

✤Main Characters✤

♔ Takeo ⋆ Takeo
♔ Jax Du'frea ⋆ Lyndsey
♔ Ryeth ⋆ Rigby
♕ Kedryn (Ryn) Ava Decrepidine ⋆ Lyndsey
♕ Zorayn ⋆ Rigby

✤Minor Characters✤

♔ Gornard ⋆ Lyndsey
♔ William ⋆ Lyndsey
♔ Dekmu ⋆ Rigby
♔ Rakaru ⋆ Lyndsey

✤Evil Characters✤

♔ Adaranth ⋆ Rigby
♔ Obsidien ⋆ Takeo
♕ Azalea ⋆ Lyndsey

Lyndsey's Characters
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Position: Major character
Name: Zorayn
Species: Zora

Position: Minor Character
Name: Dekmu
Species: Deku
Note: Follows Ryeth

Position: Semi~Major character
Name: Ryeth
Species: Elf

{Evil Characters}

{Semi~Major Character}
Name: Adaranth
Species:Dark Elf
Age: 24

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Lyndsey | 212 comments (We're just waiting on Takeo now. I'm going to start cleaning up this thread, you can do the same if you'd like! Then we can have you and Takeo put your characters underneath the top post.)

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Takeo Dai (takeodai) | 271 comments (I'm not gonna do more than 1 character, due to the fact I cant be as active as you both. So I don't want to bring yall down.)

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Takeo Dai (takeodai) | 271 comments Position: Major Character
Name: Takeo
Species: Human

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Takeo Dai (takeodai) | 271 comments Position: Evil Character
Name: Obsidien
Species: Unknown
Age: Unknown

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Lyndsey | 212 comments Sounds good! So, I had an idea last night. I'm going to make an old man, and then Ill start us out. I have about 3 weeks before college starts, and once it does I wont be able to get on as much. So just warning you guys :)

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Ditto, I'll probably be on during the evening mostly.

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Lyndsey | 212 comments Okay; Ill be on around then too :D

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Lyndsey | 212 comments Shimmering light spilled across the unusually vibrant leaves covering the forest enclosure about Kedryn. Fluttering in a gust of zephir, their hues glittered reflectively in the soft bubbles of light floating aimlessly above the forest floor; like small suns twirling inside an unseen constellation.
The air was thick and heavy, with the pungent sweetness of blossoming flowers and fresh dew upon leaves. Kedryn stuck her tongue out, unexpectedly tasting the unfamiliar odor sharply against her mouth. A deep voice broke her out of her reverie, its lilt earthy and echoing to her ears; far reaching and infinite.
Glancing away from the foliage around her, Kedryn gasped slightly as a Lynx-like creature pattered towards her. Glowing patterns intricately decorated his face, long horns extending from his muscular skull. His eyes studied her with a wise, yet weary intensity. Seeming to draw out her most layered thoughts like honey from a waxen shield.
A spark of amusement lit the creatures eyes, and his mouth opened to repeat his earlier statement. "Kedryn."
"Who are you?" Kedryn breathed, the world seemed to glow more intensely around her. Rotating slowly, though she stood perfectly still.
"Time is short," he began his eye lids lowering with exhaustion. "I cannot continue to keep this projection up. I am Rakaru, the spirit who guards over your realm. I have chosen you Kedryn, as a sage to the people of this land. There is a great disturbance in the balance of our world, and if we do not act soon it will put in peril everything we have fought so long and hard to protect. We need you Kedryn, you must meet me at the shores of the great bay. There I will tell you of the purpose for which you have been chosen to complete."
As he continued to speak, Kedryn's vision continued to blur, the creatures voice growing more distant by the moment. Images past through her mind, visions of fire and ruin. Of her friends lined up in chains, and led by guards dressed in black. -and of a woman, with honey-browned hair and steely eyes. Wearing a crown of crimson.
"I don't understand, chosen?" Kedryn repeated, uncertainty and panic flooding through her at the powerful pictures battling her consciousness. "Wait, you can't go! What do you mean, what did that vision mean?"

but he was gone, with the final words echoing in her ears. "We are all lost..."

Kedryn awoke, hot sweat beading her forehead. A woman hovered above her face, pressing a damp cloth against her brow. "How long have I been out?" Kedryn asked softly, her voice broken.
"As long as the villiage lad they brought in this morning," the woman replied. "It's odd. The fever apparently took hold of him at the exact time as yours. Strange, isn't it?"
Kedryn glanced over at a young man passed out on a bed a little ways away from hers. "Yes," she breathed. Just before the fever took her again.

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Far off, on the coast of the Great Bay, sat Ryeth. He had just made his way out of Ikana valley then through Clocktown. Though his trip was very successful, earning him a new sword and companion, he was now very weak. The cool breeze from the ocean's shore blew at his face, the salt made his hair sticky along with Dekumu's leaves. Dekuma, a young Deku child, followed alongside Ryeth, feeling comforted by his presence and his many songs that he would play on his harp. "It's getting late," he said, looking down at his friend. She peered up to him, understanding that more walking would be involved. "Maybe we can stay at the inn at Clocktown," Looking up at the sun, he knew there'd be only a few hours before they closed the shops there. "We better move quickly."

The two continued their journey, walking back toward the east. The coolness of evening was upon them, along with a secret that Ryeth carried. During his time in Ikana valley, he was encountered by a tall dark figure. His hair thick and black, his skin pale and thin. As Ryeth fought the being, he was cursed by him, marked by a large black triangle on his arm. Ryeht managed to fight the man off, but was haunted by the thought of him, wondering who he was, or were he could find him.

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Lyndsey | 212 comments Jax gazed at the girl, searching her eyes for the truth. Were the things she was saying true? That they had both had the same exact dream, and heard the haunting words, "we are all lost..."
There was no other explanation, this was real. It seemed far to coincidental to have had both the fever and dream at the same time. The spirit of their world was indeed trying to get their attention.

The two packed over the course of the next day, then set off early the next morning on horseback. They passed through clock town on their way, picking up further supplies for the journey.

That evening, they reached the great bay's gate.

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Lyndsey | 212 comments ((So, anyone who's a main character will have had the same dream as Jax and Kedryn.))

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Ryeth and Dekmu finally arrived by late evening in Clocktown. Most of the people had gone inside while some hung outside fixing their shops for morning. As Ryeth and Dekmu walked through, they passed by another two who also looked like travelers, or at least were preparing to travel by the looks of their supplies. Ryeth final found the inn, and with night coming, he quickly signed in.

"Many traveling as well Ryeth," said Dekmu as she sat on her wooden stool.

Ryeth smiled, as he sharpened his sword's blade, "Yes Dekmu, many travelers. Perhaps there going up toward the north, a lot has been happening up there."

The two then sat in silence, the single candle gleamed from their windowsill. "Ever think we'll find him?"

Ryeth paused, he wanted so badly to find the man behind his curse, "Maybe Dekmu, I'm no familiar with the area I found him in, perhaps we can find someone to take us up there."

He laid his sword by his clothing on the floor, pondering their next move for tomorrow morning.

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Are we still continuing this one?

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Lyndsey | 212 comments ((Yeah, do you think we could wait a month though? Things have gotten chaotic, and I'm so tired all the time. I don't think Takeo will be continuing with us, perhaps we should throw someone else in as well?))

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Sure! (:

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